Facing Possible $200,000 Deficit, KVMR & Its New Bandanas Have You Covered

Written by on May 8, 2020

It’s a bird.

It’s a plane.

Well, it’s not Superman.

But we’ve got you covered.


Oh, it’s the proverbial first-ever KVMR 89.5 FM bandana, the brainchild of Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly with artwork and design by volunteer broadcaster and award-winning illustrator Jerianne Van Dijk.

And in this era, the bandana can double  both as a mask and a collector’s item that will help the non-profit Nevada City community radio station cut down a possible $200,000 budget deficit because of cancelled event revenue and declining business support in the wake of this stay-at-home pandemic, according to KVMR officials.

The station is holding a special 4-day on-air fundraiser beginning today (May 7)  through Mother’s Day Sunday to try and whittle down that possible fund cut. Yup, a complimentary bandana goes to everyone making a gift of $60 or more during the drive. One very loyal listener has already come in with a $10,000 thank you.  She’ll likely be smothered in bandanas.

Inspired by KVMR Content Director Sean Dooley-Miller’s bandana wear, Kelly and he talked it out.

“Sean thought it would be neat if it had KVMR somehow on each corner so you could see KVMR no matter how you wore it,” notes Kelly. “And I thought Jerianne would be the perfect illustrator because we wanted something pretty that’s also cool and unusual, yet recognizable as a bandana-y pattern.”

Van Dijk more than bandana-ied about.

“I have always looked at the courthouse in Nevada City as an old retro radio stuck in the hill there,” she revealed. “Well, the drawing in the middle circle has a little village of transistor radios and I got to finally make my idea real by adding the courthouse as it looks like Nevada City.”

No wonder she was named  runner-up as outstanding visual artist in the recent “Best Of Nevada County” competition sponsored by The Union newspaoer.

“it came out great with Todd (Wahoske) sewing the pieces together graphically and giving us a beautiful reverse of the design and color,” noted Van Dijk. “There it was, voila.”

According to Kelly, the bandanas should be here within two weeks.  Not bad for a last minute change in plans.

They’ll come in two colors, she says.

“I think the red is more traditional (as in cowboy movie star Roy Rogers), and the black is more rock’n’roll (metal rockers Motorhead),” described Kelly. “If it takes off, we might do different colors in the future.”

Then Kelly climbed onto her soapbox.

“Normally at this time, we have a nine-day on-air membership drive that ‘s our largest fundraiser of the year,” she said. “We understand only too well that COVID-19 has really impacted some folks’ financial situation.”

“If you’re struggling right now, KVMR wants you to take care of you first, but if you are in a position to give, we really need your help,” according to Kelly.

Like that $1200 you received might look a whole lot better being given to non-profits like KVMR if you’re retired and pretty well set.

Just sayin’.

It’s a hat, it’s a mask, it’s a napkin, it’s a way of life. KVMR bandana illustrated by Jerianne Van Dijk. Yours for a donation of $60.



7 a.m. “Under The Covers” KVMR’s Joyce Miller and Adriana Kelly play some of the best tunes written by someone else and done by, well, listen in.

10 a.m. “Resilience Radio” Native American host Miss Jiff hosts KVMR’s weekly indigenous music and culture program.

2 p.m. “Harmony Ridge”  Longtime host Brian Terhorst celebrates acoustic music.


7 a.m. “Morning Show”  Jerianne Van Dijk and Todd Wahoske offer KVMR’s first-of-a-kind bandanas to station listeners, live from the front porch of Todd’s Nevada City home.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

10 a.m. “Nevada City Limits”  Fellow folk broadcasters Dennis Brunnenmeyer and Laurie DesJardin celebrate their long-running folk music programs.

12 p.m. “Higher Frequency”  A marijuana merriment.

2 p.m. “The New Bleat”  Assorted new music and indie pop with Sean Dooley and KVMR General Manager Ali Lightfoot to describe the station’s new trajectory.

4 p.m. “Espresso Music Magazine”  A shot of caffeine for Hap Hazard and his Rolling Stones.


7 a.m. “Backroads”  Host Larry Hillberg live from KVMR’s Banner Mountain broadcast site, for the first live remote from there since like 1980.

10 a.m. “County Line Bluegrass”  Okay, now longtime broadcaster Eric Rice wants in on the fun. He’ll be at Banner Mountain, too.  Remember, six feet…

1 p.m. “Good Stuff” Kim Bryant and guest Felton Pruitt welcome live music from Kathy Barwick &  Pete Siegfried, plus Bob Woods and Juliet Gobert.

4 p.m. “Best Of Fest”  A tribute to the Strawberry, High Sierra, Bluegrass, Worldfest and Celtic Festivals that KVMR broadcasts live, except for this year.

6 p.m.  “Diamonds and Rust”  Laura Miller’s legendary singer-songwriter favorites…and then some.

8 p.m.  “Dead Air”  It’s One More Saturday Night.


7 a.m. “Crooked Blend”  Hosts Gary Wells and Allison Miller have some fun…and so will you!

10 a.m. “Kanikapila”  Michael Keene honors mothers and women with an all-female Hawaiian music show.

12 p.m. “Blues Spectrum I” Battle of The Big Mamas…on Mother’s Day

3 p.m. “Blues Spectrum II”  A tribute show to late Blues Spectrum host Haines Ely, who passed away in March.

5 p.m. “Classics Declassified”Keith Porte and Charles Atthill host a membership show supporting classical music on KVMR.

7 p.m. “R Town”  Music and stories about America, The Eagles and Jackson Browne, with Peter Blachley

KVMR 89.5 FM and kvmr.org  is holding a membership drive through Sunday, May 10, in hopes of whittling down a possible $200,000 deficit. Over 70 people made online contributions this past Monday alone, matching a $10,000 challenge.  Contributions can be made at kvmr.org or by calling 530/265-9555 during the day or leave a message nights at 530/264-4165 (membership department).

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