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Town Hall Forum: Affordable Housing

KVMR will host a community discussion, “Affordable Housing: A Nevada County Dilemma,” Tuesday, March 20th from 6-8pm at the Nevada Theater. This public affairs conversation will also be broadcast live on KVMR. 
The issue of affordable housing in Nevada County is receiving priority attention from the county and cities of Nevada City, Grass Valley, and Truckee. This KVMR Town Hall Forum is offered to inspire a constructive and engaged conversation around the issues and the impacts of the affordable housing shortage on and within our community. There is a spectrum of housing needs from availability of affordable rental units to permanent placement and home ownership. What are the possible solutions, ideas and partnerships moving forward in addressing the community’s needs?
A panel of local business experts will offer their perspective and thoughts on the state, and future, of affordable housing in Nevada County, including Brendan Phillips, County Housing Resource Manager; Brian Foss, County Planning Department and Zoning Administrator; Mimi Simmons, Cornerstone Realty Group; Chuck Durrett, Principal Architect, Co-Housing Company; Andy Cassano, CEO of Nevada City Engineering; and Lorraine Larson, Executive Director, Nevada County Habitat for Humanity (as of April 1st, 2018).
Support to make this event possible has been provided by Nevada City Engineering and Wallis Design Studio Architects, Inc. KVMR Town Hall Forums are a free, public and community service.