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Teens and Marijuana: A Discussion

KVMR will host a community forum, “Teens and Marijuana: A Discussion,” Tuesday, May 1st from 6-8pm at the Nevada Theatre. This public affairs conversation will also be broadcast live on KVMR.
The legalization of recreational cannabis/marijuana in California this year has stirred up plenty of controversial news. One aspect of the new law that hasn’t been given as much attention, is how it impacts our young people, especially teens. We, as parents, educators, and community citizens need to understand the differences in the cannabis industry today regarding dosages, edibles, and access. This KVMR Town Hall Forum is offered to inspire a constructive and engaged conversation around how we can best educate and support our teens through these tumultuous years with the added challenge of legalized marijuana and the impact it has on their brain, body, and development. What are the possible solutions to keep our students healthy, happy, and engaged with their lives and futures?
A panel of local experts will offer their perspective and thoughts on the dangers of marijuana and the teen brain, how to effectively use it medically, and how to communicate with our teens about marijuana safety. Our panelists include Marlene Mahurin, TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Education) Project Coordinator, Ken Cutler, PhD, MD, Nevada County Public Health, Forrest Hurd, parent of Silas Hurd (using medical marijuana), Hezekiah Allen, California Cannabis Growers Association, Annie Keeling, parenting expert.
This event will be moderated by Paul Emery. A local media panel will participate and asking questions of the panel. There will also be an opportunity for audience members to ask questions.