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Live Reggae at KVMR

DJ Redlocks brings you an intimate evening of acoustic reggae, live in the KVMR Community Room on Friday, November 15th from 8pm-midnight...Walker P., Tuff Lion, Ras Attitude & Soul Medic. This is also a celebration of DJ Mystic Al's Birthday! 

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Tuff Lion & Walker Pillow have been performing and recording together for over fifteen years. Although they are both lifelong musicians with experience in blues, jazz, rock and r&b, they began their musical journey together as ambassadors for roots reggae music. Tuff Lion is one of reggae’s most recorded guitarists and is renowned for his influence on the music in the Virgin Islands and America at large. After spending years visiting Northern CA on tour, they are both thankful to call Nevada County home and blessed to present their music in an acoustic roots style. In 2018 Tuff Lion and walker P started The Clarks Originals and The Clarks All Star Band.

1. Born In Newport News VA
2. Singer and multi instrumentalist with recording credits on guitar, keyboards
3. Founding member of The Prisoners reggae band in VA
4. Operates Alphabet Audio Lab in Grass Valley CA
5. Guitarist and Keyboard player in The Lionz of Kush
6. Select album credits: The Prisoners: Prisoners, Midnite: Free Indeed, Abja: Songs Fa Jah, Army: Dreadlocks Time, Danny I: Tribu Escpecial, Akae Beka: Hail the King, Music Tree Compilation: VA

Tuff Lion:
1. Guitarist for the original Midnite Band
2. Guitarist for Bambu Station
3. One of the most recorded reggae musicians of all time: Guitar, Organ, Bass, Vocals, Percussion, etc. Featured on the whole I Grade catalog.
4. Produced masterpiece solo album Tuff Lion: Utterance
5. Guitarist and Founding member of The Lionz of Kush
6. Selected album credits: Tuff Lion: Utterance, Midnite: Ras Mek Peace, Dezarie: Fya, Abja: Mahogany Road, Iba: Jah Lion (Children of the Nile), Danny I: Unchangeable, Niyorah: Purification Session, Army: Rasta Awake