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KVMR 40th Birthday

KVMR, founded in 1978, proudly celebrates its 40th Birthday this year with a celebration on Saturday, July 21st in Pioneer Park from 3:30-10pm. 

The day will feature live music by: 

Saul & Elena Rayo ● The Heifer Belles

Grease, Grit & Grime ● Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald

Brandy Robinson ● Achilles Wheel Trio 

Buck Love & the Humperheads 

Tickets $10 at the gate 

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Paul Kamm and Eleanore McDonald have long been performing on KVMR. And they'll do so again this Saturday at our 40th Birthday Party, 3:30-10pm at Pioneer Park, Nevada City.  $10 general admission, $5 veterans and youth 15 and under. Music from Paul and Eleanore, plus Paul with Achilles Wheel Trio and a reunion performance of Buck Love & The Humperheads.
What's KVMR meant to each of you over the years?...
PAUL - KVMR has always felt like the mother ship of small radio stations.  Eleanore and I have traveled all over this country playing music, and there have been many small stations struggling to maintain a presence on the 'dial'.  A 'beacon of light' is not too much of an exaggeration in describing the influence and inspiration that KVMR puts out there selflessly into the world.
ELEANORE - It has meant a great deal to me. I feel like I've "grown up" with KVMR. It has helped Paul and I, over our 36 year adventure in music, be HEARD. What an amazing gift, for us.  It's an entity that is always there, and a place I can go with the flip of a switch to find any information I need regarding local emergencies, to hear the independent musicians that I love (who can only be found on KVMR and the few out there like her!), to hear discussions of important local and national issues and news of the world and the voices of the DJs I've loved through the years. And to be soothed in these very turbulent times. I've spent many a morning in my "church" with my horses - KVMR the celestial choir soaring through the rafter with the birds, accompanying my holy "poop scooping" - smiling, crying, laughing and testifying!  
Paul, how did you arrange to be in three different acts at the party? :-)...
PAUL - Just lucky I guess...and I don't say that lightly.
Can  you  believe it's been 40 years?...
PAUL - When I think back to my first apartment on Spring Street in the Winter of 1980 and it seems like a vision from some parallel universe where my little radio was picking up KVMR's signal. Then, with following flood of memories hurtling towards the present day, then yes, I can believe it's been that long.  And many miles yet ride before we sleep.
ELEANORE - No! What?  Am I not still 24 years old?
Any favorite memories?...
PAUL- I remember a crisp December evening many years ago when Eleanore and I were married in the Stone Hall of the Miners Foundry, which was then the American Victorian Museum, surrounded by many friends and family.  The next night, for our Honeymoon, we joined in singing on what I believe was the very first KVMR NiteLive, broadcast from the Great Hall of the AVM.
ELEANORE - Yes, what he said.  Our Honeymoon, spent with KVMR and the listening community.  But I have another. It's of my now almost 41 year old daughter's "debut" so to speak. She was 2 and 1/2, sitting on her Papa's lap at the mic in the old AVM studio, on dear friend Deborah Brown's jazz show of all things, reading "The Little Engine That Could" and singing The Bee Song and Simple Gifts. I cherish that one.  Still have it on 'tape'. Ok there, with the mention of tape I guess I must admit belief that KVMR has been around for 40 years!  Here's to 40 more!