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Call to Artists

Call to Artists and Makers

KVMR and NCArts invite artists to participate in our “Tin Art in the Garden” celebration–a fundraiser, party, auction and competition involving the creation of art for the garden utilizing recycled tin from the old Bridge Street building where KVMR now stands. Participants keep 30% of the auction sales price of their piece(s).

Event takes places on Sunday, April 7th, 2019 at Miners Foundry from 3-5pm. 

Requirements for Submissions:
1. Artists and makers can submit a sketch for any 3-dimensional piece that can be used as Garden Art.

2. Artists & makers may submit more than one piece. At least one piece must contain recycled tin from our old building.

3. The first piece can be made of any material (recycled materials are encouraged), but must be constructed of at least 10% or 6 inches x 6 inches (whichever is greater) of recycled tin from the old Bridge St. Building; additional garden art pieces are not required to contain recycled tin. Each piece must weigh no more than 200 pounds and be no larger than 6'x6'x4' to be easily moveable by 2-4 people and fit into the back of a full size pick up bed.

Deadline to apply extended to Feb 28th

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