Early Sets Up the Whole Day

Written by on September 19, 2018

Hey! This week's Early Morning Ramble with John Adams will include…..ME!  I have just passed my cert, and to my surprise, John has not banned me from his studio.  Entirely.  So I'll come in at 4am – 7am Friday September 21, 2018 for three hours of rambling Americana and Folk and Celtic music, all of John's choosing, and I will be basking.  In the music.  There is still more to learn every day.  So…

Also, Adela Wilcox bless her soul has asked me to substitute for her Ineffable show from 4am – 7am on Monday, September 24, 2018.  This will be my first solo gig!  I will play Folk, Country, and Americana from my personal collection.   Then you get the real stuff:  Steve Baker and the Morning Show.   After these two injections, your condition should improve dramatically.  No appointment necessary.

Lotsa other stuff happening too, like the 2018 KVMR Celtic Festival, not this weekend but next weekend.  I will be serving six full meals to dancers, musicians, elves, magicians, dragons, skilled performers of all kinds, and just trying to settle their troubled artist minds, and stomachs.  Somehow.  I AM adhering to the strictest standards.  Yet, they are troubled, those artists.  You must tell me how settled/unsettled they were on stage.  And which way was better.   

And of course we must save the planet.  Somehow.  It is also very, very troubled.

You can call me at the studio during either the Friday or Monday show, and I will instruct my front office to take your call and transfer you directly to "the Promising Classic Infundibulum of the New Age," or my studio line, whichever is available.  You are welcome!



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