Dec 1 Red Eye – The LONG Version

Written by on November 26, 2018

Why are commercial radio stations so averse to playing any song longer than 5 minutes?    A long song gives the artists a chance to stretch their musical creativity.   And it gives the listener the chance to turn off the external noise and wander around in the mysterious caverns  of the music itself.   Join me on Red Eye Radio this Saturday from midnight to 4 am when I feature long songs by top artists rarely heard any more on the radio.  Jams by Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Jefferson Airplane, The Who,  Grateful Dead, and others.   Long songs have  a home at KVMR.   Because AM radio consists of meshuga loudmouths and most of FM radio has sold out to corporate commercial puppeteers.   Tune in this Saturday, December 1 at midnight on KVMR, where free form, free spirit programming still lives.    Can't stay up?   Stream it up to two weeks later by going to the KVMR archive.

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