with Gary Wells

Women's Show

Broadcast Day/Time: 
8PM - 10PM, Monday

Back row, left to right:
Catherine Allen, Susan Schreiber, Kristin Steindorf, Peggy Bean, Arly Helm
Front row, left to right:
Marion Peterson, Katherine Brousse Pobreski, Amee Medeiros (with Odin), April Miranda, Diane McIntire
Not shown:
Jodi Selene, Heidi Starr
Broadcast day and time:  Mondays, 8 to 10 PM
Composition: Shows often include an interview of a woman who is doing interesting/amazing/important work in the smaller or larger world community, followed by women’s music 
Genres:  Women’s vocals, women composers, all genres (world, folk, indie, classical, etc.)