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KVMR's EIN # is: 94-2846388

KVMR's Fall Membership Drive Oct 18-26! Radio with a heart... and a beat! And feel free to WIN our lucious Glamping package!

Yes indeed beautiful babies, it's KVMR's first membership drive in over 5 months- and we are looking forward to your support. We've geared up by setting up a fun retreat and getting new swag to dress you up in OUR LOVE - a new tee-shirt design by local artist Tiera May, and all-new 101 Celebs wrapping paper with portraits by Olaf Jens.

For your gift of $5 month you get 6 feet of recycled wrapping paper, and a list of all the folks included, so you can play the match game with your friends. This is the FAVORITE ever KVMR swag of my son, who usually thinks I am hopelesly lame. Something for everyone here- while supplies last!

This retro tee was designed by then-student artist Tiera May in 2012, and rediscovered from our archives and made into a luxurious tee-shirt on vintage royal blue triblend material. Limited quatities! $7.50 a month...

Some shows will be offering EXCLUSIVE excursions into the 16 to 1 Mine. These trips are LIMITED in availability, and an amazing glimpse into an historic but still operating hard rock mine. This is NOT TO BE MISSED- tune in!

More Swag:

Eton Emergency Crank Radio- it's that time of year! It's a radio, flashlight, phone charger and it glows in the dark! $10 monthly/$120

KVMR Airhead Socks $5 monthly/$60

Wyatt models the KVMR ebroidered khaki ball cap whilst holding a handmade mug... 

KVMR Star Chart totebag, made in America, on navy cotton canvas...

KVMR even has  a star chart tea towel- we have the most deluxe line of useful and beautiful local made goods to dress you up in our LOVE. The Joneses don't have one of these... Unless they're members of KVMR!


And the ubiquitous Trucker Cap. Yes folks, we bowed to society's pressure and made this too-cool-for-school hat that my kids beg me to take off. I'm wearing it right now, babe! Next thing you know I'll be ordering PBR at the bar (just kidding, c'mon). $5 monthly/ $60

We also have hand-dyed tie-dyes and a KVMR Cookbook. All our swag is locally sourced and top quality. Only the best for our KVMR Family! Questions? Call Adriana Kelly (530) 264-4165

There will be special programming throughout the week of the drive, and some deejays will offer special thank you gifts- tune in!


Picking the MOST KVMR ANIMAL was really hard... but we have a winner!

Coco, the brindle dachshund from Penn Valley, hugging a bunny embodies the spirit of KVMR. We freaking LOVE you Coco, your mama & papa get free passes to the Celtic Festival, all because of your preternatural cuteness!

However, we had runners-up... Coco was very stiff competition in sheer pet-cuteness, but this photo of Cadillac Jim holding his turkey Virgil the day after Thanksgiving wins Best Album Cover for a Band That Doesn't Exist Yet... and it arrived as an 8x10 glossy in the real mail!

And also, meet Strawberry:  

Pretty sure this dog is wearing another dog's face as a mask a la Hannibal Lecter, or maybe she should win "Dog Who Somehow Looks Like Lon Chaney Sr, But In A Cute Way..."

Don't forget to thank Incredible Pets for sponsoring KVMR's pet calendar AGAIN!

Another Random Way to Support KVMR

Do you eat food? Sign up for SPD's Community Card and 3% of every dollar gets donated back to KVMR (SPD Grass Valley & Nevada City locations). Eat, drink and go crazy on magazines- it's for a good cause! Sign up here:

Or just go into the store and tell them you want to support KVMR- SPD Market loves community radio too!