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KVMR's EIN # is: 94-2846388

Submit photos of your pets for KVMR's 2020 Pet Calendar!

New 2020 cover by Olaf Jens, and July 2019 with 9 dogs! Dog days indeed...

Turns out KVMR has tons of furry (and scaly!) friends, and they're so much cuter than our broadcasters we made YOUR PETS into a beautiful calendar celebrating our animal friends every month. We've got real holidays, fake holidays, celebrity birthdays, and most importantly the CUTEST PETS in the listeneing area. And maybe the galaxy. To enter your pet just send digital photos to, or a real photo to KVMR Pet Calendar 120 Bridge St, Nevada City Ca 95959. We cannot return your pics or make any promises- but last year we managed to squeeze in over 100 pets! Thanks to Incredible Pets for their support. Submit your pets July 5th through August 10, and see all the pets on our Flickr page- HERE.

Don't forget to thank Incredible Pets for sponsoring KVMR's pet calendar AGAIN!
It's called swag- you should get some!

NEW! KVMR star chart tea towels, because we are super refined dontchaknow...


This hat is so cool it made our young friend immediately dab! Which is apparently some kinda dance move hip with the kids...

BEHOLD! KVMR's new Star Chart totebag on navy canvas, because we are OUT OF THIS, er, WORLD!

Made in the USA

KVMR socks are made in the USA too, because we give a damn

We dressed him up in our love KVMR Shiva T-shirt, embroidered ballcap and handmade mug. Women's tees are dolman style. Because we love you too.

We also have hand-dyed tie-dyes in men's and ladies' cuts and a KVMR Cookbook. All our swag is locally sourced and top quality. Only the best for our KVMR Family! Questions? Call Adriana Kelly (530) 264-4165  

Another Random Way to Support KVMR

Do you eat food? Sign up for SPD's Community Card and 3% of every dollar gets donated back to KVMR (SPD Grass Valley & Nevada City locations). Eat, drink and go crazy on magazines- it's for a good cause! Sign up here:

Or just go into the store and tell them you want to support KVMR- SPD Market loves community radio too!