with Annie O'Dea Hestbeck

Community Advisory Board

CAB Application Form - Please  email, send by snail mail, or bring your completed application to the KVMR office at 120 Bridge St., Nevada City, CA  95959.

The Community Advisory Board aspires to be a conduit for effective community input to the KVMR Board of Directors.

CAB Membership:

The Community Advisory Board meets at regular intervals to:

• Review the programming goals established by the station.

• Review the community service provided by the station.

• Review the impact on the community of the significant policy decisions rendered by the station.

• Advise the KVMR Board of Directors whether the programming and other significant policies of the station are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station achieved by various forms of outreach

• Fulfill other responsibilities delegated by the governing board, excluding any authority to exercise any control over the daily management or operation of the station

The Community Advisory Board encourages interested parties to communicate their concerns, suggestions, questions, compliments or complaints. All communications will be kept confidential. Simply use this link to send an email to CAB: cab@kvmr.org.   Thank you!

Current Members:
Paul Matson
Barbara Graves
Peter Wilson
David Parker
Gabrielle Pullen
Pinky Zalkin
Robert Trent