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Good for Business.

Good for Image.

Good for Community.

For information on supporting KVMR as a business underwriter, please contact Melissa Seibold, KVMR Account Executive, at underwriting@kvmr.org or call 530-362-7006.

Research shows that businesses who give to, or give back to, their local community and are seen as in a positive light. Investment and alignment with community organizations demonstrates and portrays virtuous intention and a vigorous commitment to that said community or locale.

When you underwrite with KVMR, you are supporting a valuable and valued community asset that is positively received locally, regionally and on the internet. Underwriting with KVMR is reinforcing the “shop local” adage.  

KVMR community radio portrays values that are: independent, original, organic, creative, community-minded, autonomous and intelligent.

Why Radio?

As a medium, radio’s greatest strength is frequency. Frequency is the ability to reach a prospect many times over a given period, with the end result being top of-mind recall.    

While KVMR’s on-air underwriting is limited by FCC regulations to value neutral, non-promotional content, the underwriting message is informative, listing your business location, business hours and services offered. Using live on-air scripts, KVMR programmers will regularly thank your business for being a regional business that supports community radio in the Sierra Nevada Foothills and the Sacramento Valley.

KVMR can change your underwriting copy as needed. Your business support recognition on KVMR may be: “KVMR receives support from . . . your business name here.”

Using live, on-air scripts containing factual, value-neutral copy, KVMR programmers will thank you and your business for supporting community radio while broadcasting your dignified marketing message to thousands of KVMR listeners at a time.


  • Has a 40-year history and legacy in Nevada City with a dedicated and allegiant listener-base.
  • Is volunteer-based and listener-supported.
  • Encourages free and open communication with an emphasis on cultural diversity and material often ignored by commercial media.
  • Promotes positive social values including equality, diversity, non-violence, a sustainable environment, and social and economic justice.
  • Honors and encourages creativity in programming, providing opportunities for the innovative, the experimental, and the traditional.
  • Fosters an inclusive community that includes a wide geographic area, while encouraging local access and involvement.
  • Has the courage and integrity to allow expression of views that diverge from the mainstream.

KVMR Listeners are:

Relatively Affluent       60% household incomes exceeding $55,000, 22% over $100,000

Gender Balanced         Men (54%) and Women (46%)

Mature                      95% aged 35 to 64

Well-educated            35% college graduates, 10% have postgraduate degrees

Stable                      79% are homeowners

Technologically savvy Over 92% Internet connected

Politically active         Over 87% vote

Empty Nesters           77%

Active Outdoors          93%

Exercisers                 76%

Eat Out 3x week+       64%

Readers                    81%

Gardeners                 77%

Pet Owners                75%

Progressive               73%    


  • Your Announcements will be heard because KVMR’s audience is extremely loyal.  
  • 75% of listeners surveyed list KVMR as their #1 radio station, and listen to little else. 
  • The average listener spends 9-12 hours per week listening to KVMR.
  • For 90% of them, KVMR is their only local radio station. 
  • Less than one-quarter of them admit to reading the local newspaper regularly. 

Baby Boomer Audience Acts on Underwriting.

The KVMR listening audience reflects that of a National Public Radio audience. KVMR’s listening audience, Baby Boomers, is one of the most sought-after listening demographics. They are mature, home-owning, empty-nest, relatively-affluent adults who are more able to afford our underwriters’ products and services.

Most important to business underwriters, 70% of public radio listeners say that a company’s support of public radio has a positive influence on their decision to purchase that company’s products and services, and they act on that (per the Corporation for Public Broadcasting).

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