KVMR Commentary Guidelines

Make your voice heard. Email your proposed commentary to news@kvmr.org


What Is A Commentary?

A commentary is a place to express your thoughts or feelings on a subject. It is a short editorial written in your own words, using your own voice.


How does it work?

You request a commentary. You can either: record a file and send it to us OR schedule a time to record in the studio.

**Under COVID-19, we are not able to allow you into the studio to record.**


  • – Commentaries are 3 minutes long (approximately 300-350 words).
  • – You must write out a script in advance for review by KVMR’s news director
  • – Practice what you want to say. It should not sound like you are reading. It should sound like you are telling a story to a friend.

What We’re Looking For

  • – Thought-provoking
  • – Well-stated
  • – Ideas that can be backed up with facts and sources
  • – Clear and concise
  • – Spoken in a natural voice


  • – Commentaries cannot be slanderous, and cannot contain hate speech.
  • – Commentaries cannot be indecent, obscene or profane.
  • – Commentaries cannot be for commercial purposes or as a political campaign ad.
  • – Commentaries are not designed to be an extended community calendar listing. You may mention an event, but please use this time to share an idea with us.

KVMR reserves the right, for any reason or for no reason, to refuse to air your commentary. Reasons that might precipitate such a decision by KVMR include but are not limited to:

  • – The ideas suggested pose a potential threat to public health or public safety
  • – The commentary perpetuates the spread of misinformation or misleading information that might compromise public health or safety.
  • – It discriminates against protected or under-represented communities.
  • – It fosters or perpetuates violence.

*All commentaries are selected by KVMR’s News Director. They may be edited for clarity or brevity.*

Email your proposed commentary to:


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