The Undrive Cometh… Usually at this time KVMR is airing our biggest membership drive of the year—but this is a unique situation so we’re trying a unique approach—“If you give before we ask, we won’t ask.” Is this unadvisable? Is this unheard of? Is this unbaked? Maybe, and undoubtedly a ton more things—It’s the Undrive! If you’ve [...]

Classic Joni, Neil Photos Available During KVMR’s ‘You Turn Us On’ Drive

Photographs on radio shows? Huh? Well, when they're two classic photos of icons Joni Mitchell and Neil Young shot by legendary folk rock photographer Henry Diltz, all bets are off. The pair of pictures will be available as thank you gifts during Nevada City non-profit KVMR 89.5 FM's "You Turn Us On" February Membership Drive [...]

KVMR Honors Paul Emery This Tuesday

KVMR 89.5 FM Tuesday Morning Show host Paul Emery was in a traditional jazz groove a couple shows ago, having a ball as usual. "That was a Mose Allison song called 'Your Mind Is On Vacation and Your Mouth Is Working Overtime'," he told his 7-10 a.m. listening audience with a wry look on his [...]

KVMR’s ‘You Turn Us On’ Membership Drive: 2/12 – 2/16

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year--KVMR's first membership drive of 2021. We are so excited we made special Valentine's candy for you, our dearly beloved. When you need a break from algorithms and commercials, let KVMR whisper sweet nothings in your ear. KVMR Candy Bonus Free with any swag item! DONATE NOW These [...]

$10,000 for Inclusivity!

As we turn toward the future, let's make a pact to face it TOGETHER. To honor a spirit of inclusivity and grassroots democracy in action, longtime member and KVMR supporter Jim Lewis has offered a $10,000 dollar-for-dollar match for KVMR TODAY! The community is with you, Jim, we are almost three-quarters of the way there! We [...]

KVMR’s Zoom Speaker Series: John McCutcheon

This Wednesday, January 6, KVMR sustaining members are invited to catch up with John McCutcheon, in advance of his Left Coast tour kicking off Saturday June 9. An ardent supporter of community radio, John McCutcheon offers this very special perk to other ardent supporters of community radio- our very own sustainers. If you’re a sustaining member of KVMR- our […]

Meet 200 Funny, Adorable Pets In KVMR’s 3rd Pet Pin-Up Calendar

For the third year, KVMR 89.5 FM is offering its whimsical annual edition of the KVMR Pet Pin-Up Calendar as an end of year thank you gift to listeners and supporters who donate $50 or more to the non-profit radio station in December. This timely calendar covers the year 2021, duh, so it’ll be very […]

KVMR’s 2021 Pet Calendar Now Available

KVMR’s 2021 Pet Calendar is hot off the presses! This useful calendar can tell you what day and fulfill your desire to see nearly 200 of KVMR’s furriest, scaliest, freakiest listeners in the redonkulous tradition known as the KVMR Pet Pinup Calendar. This year the artist collective known only as TAJ (Spoiler alert: it’s Todd Wahoske, Adriana […]

KVMR holds Black Friday fundraiser supporting Food Bank, Animal Save

KVMR 89.5 FM is at it again this Black Friday, only this time it’s sort of a trifecta fundraiser: every contribution generates support for three nonprofits. Huh? For every financial gift the Nevada City nonprofit radio station receives Friday, SPD Markets will fill a bag of groceries and give it to the Food Bank of […]

KVMR’s Zoom Speaker Series: Amy Goodman

KVMR is hosting a Zoom Speaker Series for SUSTAINING MEMBERS only! We will send out the Zoom links the morning of the event via email. If you’re a Sustainer make sure we have your current email, and check your spam folder if you haven’t seen emails from us in a while. To update email information, send a message to, […]

25th Anniversary of Steve Baker’s Morning Show

It’s  the 25th anniversary of Steve Baker’s Morning Show, and we’re celebrating in style.  You’ll hear some of his favorite splashes of eclectic music, odd satire and often intelligent humor, maybe you’ll go down memory lane, hear a professional radio juggler pretending to work. Evocative, sometimes provocative, occasionally a little cheezy but you know it’s […]

‘Dead Air’ Celebrates 40 Years On KVMR With T-Shirt Designed by Crabb

“Dead Air”, the longest continuous running show on KVMR 89.5 FM community radio at 40 consecutive years, is still going strong. That anniversary will be celebrated live on the Nevada City radio station this Saturday night, featuring a limited edition collector’s item “Dead Air” t-shirt, with a design that’ll put a smile on any Deadhead […]

KVMR Celebrates 40 Years Of Dead Air This Saturday 8pm-Midnight (10/3)

This coming Saturday, KVMR will be celebrating its longest running show, Dead Air. Clocking in at 40 years, dead air is a celebration of all things Grateful Dead. It is believed to be the second longest continuous radio show in America featuring music of the celebrated San Francisco band. It was Jon Hill who first […]

Have a pet? Enter pics for KVMR’s 2021 Pet Calendar!

Is your pet tanned, rested, and ready? Send your cute or ugly, big or little, fat or scrawny, living or dead, pet pics to Last year we squeezed in 160+ pets over 12 months. We like them furry, feathery, scaly, flappy, sappy, nappy, happy, and crappy. It’s finally your pet’s turn to be a star, […]

Calling All Pets! Here’s How To Become a KVMR Pin-Up Calendar Critter

It’s got the look of a developing tradition.  That would be the third annual KVMR 89.5 FM Pet Pin-Up Calendar, which is looking for adorable or funny  photos of your funny or adorable pets. “A couple years ago, we got the idea because so many listeners would send us photos of their pets unsolicited so […]

Facing Possible $200,000 Deficit, KVMR & Its New Bandanas Have You Covered

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Well, it’s not Superman. But we’ve got you covered. How? Oh, it’s the proverbial first-ever KVMR 89.5 FM bandana, the brainchild of Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly with artwork and design by volunteer broadcaster and award-winning illustrator Jerianne Van Dijk. And in this era, the bandana can double  both as […]

Hey, Here’s How You Can Tell KVMR How You Feel About the Pandemic

KVMR 89.5 FM is inviting listeners and, heck, the general public to call in their thoughts, feelings, suggestions and ideas about the current coronavirus pandemic as part of a new daily feature aired up to eight times a day called “Reports From 6 Feet Away,” which captures citizen thoughts about a world gone upside down […]

Grateful Dead Celebration & A Rockin’-N-Stompin’ Retrospective

The ever popular Grateful Dead and the beloved, late KVMR volunteer broadcaster Wesley Robertson are a pair of KVMR 89.5 FM icons the Nevada City community radio station hopes will successfully close out its one-week-only winter membership drive this Leap Day Saturday. “What a long strange trip it’s been, definitely,” quipped Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly. […]

KVMR 2020 Visionaries Membership Drive

  It all starts this Sunday as the KVMR 2020 Visionaries Membership Drive takes off this Sunday and runs through Leap Day, Saturday, February 29. Become a new member, renew your expired membership, or make an additional gift today! Donate by calling 530-265-9555 or donate here.   Membership Drive Specials: Monday 2/24: Monday Morning Show […]

KVMR Seeks 2020 Visionaries As It ‘Leaps’ Into Membership Drive

It all starts this Sunday as the KVMR 2020 Visionaries Membership Drive takes off this Sunday and runs through Leap Day, Saturday, February 29. But visions don’t come for free. “Only with your support, can we continue to bring us this constant stream of information to help you plan for the future, the music of […]

Picking the MOST KVMR ANIMAL was really hard… but we have a winner!

We freaking LOVE you Coco, your mama & papa get free passes to the Celtic Festival, all because of your preternatural cuteness! However, we had runners-up…    

KVMR Holding Black Friday Fundraiser To Buy New Transmitter, Generator

KVMR 89.5 FM weathered much of the utility-mandated blackouts very well, received kudos for its collective power shutdown coverage with YubaNet and somehow conducted an on-air membership drive in the middle of it all. Now it’s back to a special Black Friday of raising money over-the-air from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. to pay for […]

Blackouts Don’t Faze KVMR Fundraiser, With Best Fundraising Day Of The Decade

It was a KVMR 89.5 FM on-air membership drive like no other. Utility-mandated blackouts were ordered before it, after it…and, yes, during it. So KVMR found itself suspending the drive for two of its nine days so the Nevada City radio station could concentrate on delivering blackout news to listeners, many of whom had no […]

Calling All Pets! How To Be A KVMR Pin-Up Calendar Critter

Yep- there’s another KVMR Pet Calendar for 2020- that’s over 150 of your pets, and over 115 hand drawn celebs. The Celebrity portraits (by Olaf Jens) were so beautiful we put them all together, and voila! KVMR wrapping paper was born. Your donation of $50 or more get’s you either goodie, and $89.5 gets you […]

Make Your Voice Heard Membership Drive Happening NOW!!

We are starting off our Fall Drive this Friday, October 12- join KVMR to Make Your Voice Heard & Make a Difference by supporting community radio. We have new, fresh ways to say thank you... Join KVMR DJ Hap Hazard and local archaeologist Hank Meals for a hike in the Lake Spaulding area. Hank Hikes give a [...]

What’s next in KVMR fundraising? How about Paper Dolls?

Just how do you celebrate KVMR 89.5 FM's longest running Morning Show host as he nears his 20th year on air? That was the problem posed to the non-commercial station's informal  brain trust a couple months ago. They'd heard that the late folksinger U. Utah Phillips once described the host as "straight on the outside [...]

KVMR Membership Drive: Bluegrass Tees, Franti Concert & The Noon Talkies

Longtime KVMR 89.5 FM "County Line Bluegrass" host Eric Rice is so jazzed about his show's 30th anniversary teeshirt that he's not even waiting until the non-commercial station's upcoming membership drive to offer listeners a chance at getting one. "This shirt is great fun, and it's even got a mandolin right on the front," Rice [...]

Time for the ‘Mothership’ Membership Drive Juggler

It's that time of year when Nevada City radio station KVMR 89.5 FM Membership Coordinator Adriana Kelly finds herself a juggler. That's because the station's spring membership drive -- complete with a  spacy "KVMR: Love Your Mothership" theme -- starts this coming Monday. "If I'm a juggler, let's just say it's like I've got a [...]

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