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The Rock’n Down Under Show May 28 2018 with Bronx Bob & Kiwi Annie

Monday nights show starts off with a tribute to guitar legend Phil Emmanuel who died suddenly on May 24, 2018.  update: Tommy Emmanuel Pays Tribute To Late Brother Phil: 'He Taught Me So Much'   Emmanuel was scheduled to perform at the Cootamundra Hotel tonight, as well at a private function for a friend's 60th […]

Bad Radio 6: A Snapshot of Static Music from the Late 1950’s and Early 1960’s

Bad Radio is a secret archive of shows devoted to a society of 20th century avant-garde musicians and their influences. The sixth installment looks at the static music from the late 1950's and early 1960's. Bad Radio episodes 1 through 5 examined the La Monte Young and Terry Riley, two musicians who developed and concentrated […]

SOS Radio

On Wednesday, May 23rd SOS Radio interviews Al Schmit, who at the age of 80, reversed his long standing heart disease to become a thriving elder!  Also in the studio is Tami Kramer, who has a youtube channel called "the Nutmeg Notebook.  I put a video of hers above.  She and Al make a terrific […]

Wednesday at Dawn- R&R Hall of Fame Tribute

This Wednesday May 23 on the next installment of Dawn Ecelectica, I will pay tribute to the artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month in Cleveland.   Tasty songs by Nina Simone, the Cars, the Moody Blues, Dire Straits and Bon Jovi (yes, Bon Jovi) will be played throughout the […]

BEATLES: Cover to Cover – Friday RedEye

How many Beatle songs have been covered by other artists? A gazillion. Ever want to hear them played one after another after another? Well, your day (night) has finally arrived. On Friday May 18 (Thursday night) from midnight to 4 am, I present the Beatles Cover to Cover. A megaset of Beatles tunes covered by […]


Sweet, sweet KVMR Swag!! and TICKETS!

It's KVMR's 40th birthday and we are CELEBRATING 40 Years on the Air with special limited edition SWAG. You'll be walking on AIR when you become a sustaining member and get our KVMR "Airhead" socks. Laura Miller has a Diamonds & Rust tee-shirt, and we've got one for Rockin' & Stompin' too, commemorating the 28 […]

Bad Radio 5: Terry Riley, Part II

Bad Radio is a secret archive of shows devoted to a society of 20th century avant-garde musicians and their influences. The fifth installment looks at Terry Riley. From 1962-1964 Riley toured Europe, participating in “happenings,” street theater and jazz concerts. While in Europe, he gave his first "All Night Flight" concerts. These were marathon, night-long […]

May 16 at Dawn – Angels in the morning

Wednesday May 16 from 4-7 am – Dawn Eclectica returns.   In the 1960's, Merrilee Rush had a smash hit about premarital sex called Angel of the Morning.  I will reveal the incredible story about how the song "wrote itself" as told by the composer, who also wrote another 60's monster hit (hint: Bull Durham).  Three decades later, […]

Bi-partisan Sunday Showcase

Rock'n Down Under is taking a Bi-partisan approach on this week's Sunday Showcase.     Playing our Downunder music while adding some American goodies into the mix.   Emphasis:   just playing good music.  

Bad Radio 4: Terry Riley, Part I

Bad Radio is a secret archive of shows devoted to a society of 20th century avant-garde musicians and their influences. The fourth installment looks at Terry Riley's early music. Terry Riley was born in Colfax on June 24, 1935. He studied composition at San Francisco State University from 1955-1957, then at the San Francisco Conservatoire […]

Get your Blues On! Tonight! Monday, 4/30 @ 8 -10 pm – Women In Blues on the Women’s Show

Please join Katherine Porebski on the KVMR Women's Show, tonight (Monday 4/30, 8-10 pm) for a full two hours of Women in Blues with mostly contemporary Women Blues Musicians, and many new releases.  The Blues have never sounded so good!

King Tuff - The Other

Todd’s Two Too! – April 27, 2018

King Tuff – Circuits in the Sand – 3:00 King Tuff – Thru the Cracks – 3:37 Janelle Monae – Pynk (feat. Grimes) – 4:00 Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel – 3:14 King Tuff – The Other – Sub POP King Tuff is a recording artist on Sub Pop Records and Burger Records. King […]

Bad Radio 3: LaMonte Young, Part III

Bad Radio is a secret archive of shows devoted to a society of 20th century avant-garde musicians and their influences. The third installment looks at La Monte Young. In 1964 Young composed his masterpiece, The Well-Tuned Piano. The Guardian called it "one of the greatest achievements of 20th century music." Performances can last six or […]

Bad Radio 2: LaMonte Young, Part II

Bad Radio is a secret archive of shows devoted to a society of 20th century avant-garde musicians and their influences.  The second installment looks at La Monte Young. "La Monte Young is one of the most influential underground composers of the 20th century." – Kyle Gann La Monte Young studied music theroy, composition, and ethno-musicology […]


Golden Road Earth Day Weekend Happenings

 Earth Day Event & Broadcasts  On  Saturday morning April 22 the Golden Road will travel from the dark of night to the rays of sun rise to welcome Earth Day with music from around the world. This every other week show will be broadcast will be from 4 until 7 AM. Connect with the world […]

April 22 Earth Day – A Sunrise Celebration

This Sunday April 22 is Earth Day – the one day that we celebrate this marvelous planet that keeps us alive all 365 days of the year. And the Paulie Morphous Show will commemorate it from 4-7 am, while you are getting ready to go out and party like there's no tomorrow (because there may […]

Bad Radio 1: La Monte Young, Part I

Bad Radio is a secret archive of shows devoted to a society of 20th century avant-garde musicians and their influences. The first installment looks at La Monte Young. New York Magazine’s Vulture website describes La Monte Young as “the most influential living composer.” He was born in Bern, Idaho on October 14, 1935. He learned […]

April 18 on PMS – The Perfect 3 hour show.

  This Wednesday from 4-7 am, the Paulie Morphous Show returns with a bonus edition, the best set of music that ever filled a 3 hour time-slot.   These songs go together like ham and eggs, like Abbott and Costello, like Donald J. Trump and maligant narcissistic personality disorder.  I will go all over the musical map, […]


April 12 Red Eye – Eclectic and Electric

Paulie Morphous took a break last Sunday, but fear not. I make up for it with an action-packed four hour marathon starting at midnight Thursday —- live performances by the Doors, Traffic, Jeff Beck, Sam Cooke and James Brown; a six-pack of underappreciated Beatles songs, including one featuring commentary by the ER doctor who tried […]

Amen Dunes - Freedom

Todd’s Two Too! – April 6, 2018

Amen Dunes – Miki Dora – Freedom – 5:04 King Tuff – Psycho Star – 4:41 Shame – Concrete – Songs of Praise – 3:34 Parquet Courts – Almost Had to Start a Fight / In and Out of Patience – Wide Awake! – 3:15   Amen Dunes – Freedom – Sacred Bones The fifth […]

SOS Radio

On March 28th SOS Radio interviews Dr. Will Tuttle, author of the World Peace Diet about identity politics, world war 3 and veganism.  You can find out more about Will here . I also posted a link above to the Best Speeh you Will Ever hear, by Gary Yourofsky.  Just because it really is the best […]

Friday Music Magazine

It's our pleasure to sit in for Hap Hazard this Friday.  Even though we won't be reading any astrological  forecasts, we'll be spinning some cool tracks from all over the place that'll make y'all want to get up and “Get Down" and shout "Hallelujah"! Kiwi Annie & Bronx Bob will also be spinning a few […]


A world in chaos.  Two progressive political leaders assassinated within three months.  A President beleaguered by an unpopular war and challenged by a poetry-quoting intellectual decides not to run again. African American athletes raise their fists in symbolic protest on the Olympic stage.  Riots in the cities and anti-war demonstrations occur on a mass scale. […]


Wednesday at Sunrise: CAR SONGS GALORE!

Do you love car songs as much as I do?    In Larry Lund’s absence, I will be taking over Sunrise Serenade, Wednesday March 14 from 4-7 am.     And I’m going full throttle with car songs.  Not the whole 3 hours, mind you; that would be rude.    But I’ve scoured my music library and have been amazed […]

Celebrate International Women’s Day!

KVMR celebrates women all over the world and women here in our radio community this International Womens Day, March 8th. The KVMR Womens Collective, producers of the Monday night Womens Show, will offer recorded pieces about famous and inspiring women throughout the day of radio programming. The Womens Collective invites each and every one of […]

This Sunday: Brian Wilson – Brilliant Songwriter or Blatant Plagiarist?

Brian Wilson is generally recognized as a musical genius.   Heck, even Paul McCartney said Wilson was a big influence on him and called "God Only Knows" the greatest song ever written.   But history shows even the famous Beach Boy was capable of imitation on a grand scale.   Surfin' USA was the Beach Boys' first big […]

Please tune into the SOS Radio Show

Please tune in to KVMR Radio, 89.5 on your FM Dial tomorrow (Wed) at noon. I'll be hosting the SOS Radio Hour and Kayle Martin, author of Cowgirls and Collard Greens will be my guest. If you are not local, I'll be streaming worldwide on The show will be in Archives for the next two weeks […]

Not Nocturnal

Like the nocturnal flightless kiwi bird, and the mostly nocturnal koala bear, a third 'creature' comes from Down-under.  The Rockndownunder Show is emerging into the daylight for one brief Sunday-Showcase-moment-in-time this week.   We'll be playing some of our favorites including the Teskey Brothers who will be at Worldfest this coming July.   So tune in and […]

Saturday’s Red Eye – Dazed and Eventually Sued

      On the next Red Eye Radio midnight to 4 am this Saturday February 17, I’ll continue with my Copycats series.   Learn how Jimmy Page and his publisher were sued for copyright infringement by the guy who wrote the Dr. Pepper commercial!  But why did he wait more than 40 years to […]



Here we go again- all the best promoters come together to show KVMR listeners the love for our WINTER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE. ALL the BEST events in our region, ALL TOGETHER in one place. Check back often as we continue to add. Drive starts Monday, February 5th… XO!  FEBRUARY 2018: 2/10 Sat- Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball […]

He said…She said

A Valentine Tribute to You Loving Yourself and to  All Lovers   Relationship Perspectives “Are you having the Best Sex of your life?  No?  Why not??" Then tune in to our upcoming show, How to Have the Greatest Sex at Any Age on He said…She said " at 12 pm on Friday, February 16th for […]

I’m Schizophrenic And So Am I – Sunday morning on PMS

Did famed rock star John Fogerty plagiarize himself?   That was the accusation in a notorious lawsuit brought in 1993 by the owner of the copyright to a Credence Clearwater song Old Fogerty wrote 23 years earlier.   Learn the whole fascinating story in the next edition of Copycats this Sunday from 4-7 am on […]

He said…She said

Relationship Perspectives “Are you having the Best Sex of your life?  No?  Why not??" Then tune in to our upcoming show, How to Have the Greatest Sex at Any Age on He said…She said " at 12 pm on Friday, February 16th for tips and ideas with Paul Sanders and Harriet Diamond.  Please call in […]

Put some disco in your coffee

Sunday morning insomniacs (this means you Susan) unite!   The Paulie Morphous Show arrives on January 28 at 4 am and will keep you on your toes til 7.   Interesting blend of psychedelic rock, pop, country, bluegrass and jazz with little Elvis thrown in.    The next chapter of Copycats features Robin Thicke getting […]

Golden Road Sunday Showcase Jan 28th 5-7pm

Golden Road Radio show   kvmr Sunday showcase 5-7pm    Michael Green. Afterculture  Post Electricity Culture    James Hipkins  Agtech Conference  Farming & Technology    Food to Farm  Conference  Rachel Berry  Sierra Harvest    William  Underbaggage  Lakota  Indigenous Nations Network    Rahasya Po  Lotus Guide Magazine Independent media   Pamm Larry  Good Food Brigade  GMO’s […]

SOS Radio with Peggy Bean 1/24/18

Tune into SOS Radio on KVMR FM 89.5 or Wednesday, January 24th during the noon hour to hear an interview with Shelly Frost about the upcoming Animal Film Festival. Around the bottom of the hour we'll speak with Glenn Destatte about SacVegFest! Find out more about the Animal Film Festival here Find out more about SacVegFEst […]

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Gumboot Soup

Todd’s Two Too! – January 19, 2018

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Beginner’s Luck – 4:25 King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Superposition – 3:35 Tune-Yards – ABC 123 – 3:34 Tune-Yards – Heart Attack King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Gumboot Soup – Flightless Records King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard is an Australian psychedelic rock band […]

Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

Todd’s Two Too! – January 5, 2018

Father John Misty  – Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution – 4:18 Perfume Genius – Slip Away – 2:45 The War on Drugs – Pain – 5:31 LCD Soundsystem – emotional haircut – 5:29 Father John Misty – Pure Comedy – Sub-Pop Pure Comedy is the third studio album released […]

Jim James - Tribute to 2

Todd’s Two Too! – December 22, 2017

Jim James – Lucky Man – 4:18 Jim James – The World Is Falling Down – 3:59 Belle and Sebastian – Sweet Dew Lee – 6:29 Belle and Sebastian – Everything Is Now (Instrumental) – 5:29 Jim James – Tribute to 2 – ATO Records Jim James or Yim Yames, is an American vocalist, guitarist, […]

Wednesday Red Eye – Radio Worth Watching

  From 12-4 am next Wednesday, January 24 (that's late late Tuesday night for you working folks), Paulie morphs back onto the airwaves for a special Red Eye Radio.   Hear gorgeous cover songs by Fairport Convention, Eric Clapton and the Wallflowers.   On the next edition of Copycats, Sam Smith thinks he wrote a […]

Pet Sounds/Red Eye – Let’s Play Two!

Tonight on Pet Sounds @ 10pm I'll be diving into the vaults with new archive releases from The Beach Boys, Tim Buckley, The Monkees, Bob Dylan, The Choir & more. . . and then sticking around for a Blues-infused Red Eye Radio. Join me!

He said…She said

Infidelity: Hoping to heal? Or ready to run! Which would you choose? Tune in Friday January 19 at 12:06 pm to learn more about your options with "He said.. She said" with Paul Sanders and Harriet Diamond. Call in to at 530-265-9555 and share your story or listen and learn.         


musings from the other side… Richard Dunk RIP

My friend and longtime KVMR broadcaster Richard Dunk has moved on to the other side. A beautiful mind full of creative passion for FM radio in the truest sense, Richard reached deep into the airwaves for nearly 25 years at KVMR. I knew him early on as an impulsive voice that at times could be […]

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