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TOS Sequestered episode 35: Groovy Intergalactic Holiday Time

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday December 1, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 35: Groovy Intergalactic Holiday Time Well it’s that time of the year again, time for the start of The Other Side’s annual month of holiday music straight from left field and beyond. Episode one features a cavalcade of diversity assembled by the one and only Michael McDonald. […]

TOS Sequestered Episode #34: Yo La Tengo

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday November 24, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 34: Yo La Tengo Part 1 The Hoboken, New Jersey indie band Yo La Tengo was formed in 1984. Under the helm of married couple Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley, they’ve been called “the quintessential critics’ band,” and the true heirs of The Velvet Underground. They’ve released dozens of albums, […]

KVMR’s Gratitude Hotline

As we look forward to 2021, can we find something to be grateful for? Give us a call on our listener hotline at 530-264-4160 and tell us what you’re grateful for.

The Other Side: SEQUESTERED EPISODE #33:  It’s All Too Much! 

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday November 17, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 33: It’s All Too Much!  Yes you’ve met them, you’ve heard them, you think you know them, but do you really? Join guest host Chris Towne for his look at the Familiar tracks, the Rare tracks, the Cover tracks, the unusual Faux tracks, plus works in […]

The Other Side: SEQUESTERED EPISODE #32: The Vibraphone

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday November 10, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 32: The Vibraphone The vibraphone is a member of the percussion family, and has a long history of use in jazz music since its introduction in the 1920s.  From the early innovations of Lionel Hampton and Red Norvo, through brilliant sixties players like Milt Jackson and Gary Burton, […]

November 4 on Dawn Eclectica – The Day After Armageddon

Did you know there is an election coming up this Tuesday November 3? It’s true. And luckily or unluckily I have a show to do at 4 am on November 4. Up all night following the election returns? Use me for background music or just to get a break from the brain-numbing cacophony of polling […]

The Other Side: Sequestered Episode 31: Halloweenie Time

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday October 27, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 31: Halloweenie Time   On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday October 27, 8-10PM,  Sequestered episode 31: It’s Halloweenie Time!   This episode is mashup of a Halloween episode of The Other Side is from 2017 & 2020. Do I even […]

The Other Side Sequestered episode 30: Insurrection Vol 2

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday October 20, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 30: Insurrection Vol 2 *this show is for mature audiences and minds*   Tune in for our second evening of music inspired by and expressing insurrection towards the current social systems on planet earth. Guest host Michael McDonald has yet again put together a […]

Indigenous Peoples Day 2020 Monday 10/12, 10am-6pm

This coming Monday from 10am-6pm, the KVMR Tradition continues. Jennifer Robin, host of KVMR’s Resilience Radio, will produce our annual Indigenous Peoples Day broadcast. This locally produced special will feature Dennis Banks, the Assistant Director of the Oregon State University Native American Longhouse Dr. Luhui Whitebear, Jack Kohler, Sihasin, designer, traditional dancer and educator Michelle […]

The Other Side: Sequestered Episode #28 – The TOS Experience Strange Daze

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday October 6, 8-10PM Sequestered Episode 28: The TOS Experience – Strange Daze This episode of The Other Side is from September 30 2008. Expect a collection of aural oddities from the likes of Elio E Le Storie Tese, Sands, Sundragon & The Others, Negativeland, Ennio Morricone, Bernie Green, Catherine Lara, Mark Isham, plus many others. It’s […]

Bravehearts has officially launched

    William Wallace and Betty Louise are collaborating to produce a podcast series, “Bravehearts.” Bravehearts is a five minute podcast where we collect stories in the hopes of increasing your awareness and understanding of what homelessness looks like, AND some of the many organizations working on solutions to improve the homeless crisis. Bravehearts airs […]

KVMR Celebrates 40 Years Of Dead Air This Saturday 8pm-Midnight (10/3)

This coming Saturday, KVMR will be celebrating its longest running show, Dead Air. Clocking in at 40 years, dead air is a celebration of all things Grateful Dead. It is believed to be the second longest continuous radio show in America featuring music of the celebrated San Francisco band. It was Jon Hill who first […]

The Don’t Show

Did you ever notice how many songs give you advice about what you should be doing?  The Pet Sounds radio show on Monday Oct. 5 from 2-4pm will explore the power of DON’T in pop music.  DON’T forget to become a member of KVMR or donate to the station and DON’T miss this show!

The Other Side, Sequestered episode 26: an evening with WIRE 

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday September 22, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 26: an evening with WIRE    Formed in London in 1976, the English “art-punk” band Wire has blazed their own trail through modern music, producing several dozen studio and live albums with an unmistakable sound. They’ve influenced many groups, including R.E.M., Guided By […]

The Other Side, Sequestered Episode 25: Into The Void

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday September 15, 8-10PM Sequestered Episode 25: Into The Void    On this episode of The Other Side we dive into the void. And before you wonder, no it’s not a fearful place, more like a nice relaxing void, full of chill during these smoke filled pandemic election craziness […]

Sequestered Episode 24: The Insurrection Show Vol. 1

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday September 8, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 24: The Insurrection Show Vol 1 Tune in for an evening of music inspired by and expressing insurrection for the current social systems on planet earth. Guest host Michael McDonald has put together a diverse range of mostly new tracks, with […]

Dawn Eclectica – Songs of the Heart (9/9)

The Heart: not only does it pump blood to all parts of the body and ensure that all organs receive an adequate supply of oxygen, it is the only organ that has inspired poets, artists, songwriters and musicians all over the world since the beginning of time. On Dawn Eclectica this Wednesday, September 9 from […]

KVMR Studio graphic, Charlotte

9/4 Friday Morning Show with Charlotte

Join me for the Sep 4 edition of “Beats and a Beverage” aka… The Friday Morning Show with Charlotte. This show will begin, as usual, with a gentle vibe during the 7:00-8:00 hour to get your morning started. In the 8:00 hour we have NPR Headlines, Steve Baker with hyper-local, local and regional headlines as […]

End Of An Era: Brian Lee’s Final KVMR Oldies Show Is Saturday

Back in 1987, new volunteer broadcaster Brian Lee’s love for a particular era of oldies found a radio home on KVMR 89.5 FM. This Saturday (Sept. 5),  4 p.m. to 6 p.m., coincidentally 33 1/3 years later, will be the final show of Lee’s “Color Radio” on the Nevada City community radio station, a veritable […]

An Evening with Ben Goldberg 

On the next edition of The Other Side sequestered episodes 22 & 23: An Evening with Ben Goldberg Part One airing from 8-10PM on Tuesday August 25 Part Two airing Tuesday September 1 The composer Ben Goldberg plays clarinet like no one else, whether he’s doing jazz, classical, klezmer or an unclassifiable hybrid. He’s collaborated with Joshua […]

Sequestered episode 21: A David Lynchian Evening of Music & Sound

On the next edition of The Other Side Tuesday August 18, 8-10PM Sequestered episode 21: A David Lynchian Evening of Music & Sound Join us for an evening of classic sounds and music inspired by David Lynch’s 2017 continuation of Twin Peaks. Featuring ‘new cast’ members, bands & singers that are appearing in the new […]

Sunday Showcase 8/9, 3pm-5pm: The Kate Bush Experience

This Sunday’s Showcase, with me Tally Mark, will be my tribute to one of the U.K.’s most progressive, influential and dynamic artists – KATE BUSH.   She is a powerful combination on fragile and strong, quiet and loud.  I’ll play from many of her albums, from band/artists that inspired her and from band/artists who were influenced […]

On the next edition of The Other Side, Tuesday, August 11 from 8-10PM – Hard Times? Good Times?

Hard Times? Good Times? It’s a tough time in the world these daze, but there’s a whole lot of great music out there to help showcase it as well as celebrate it. Join guest host Ralph Henson as he takes you on a 120 minute journey through the bad, the tough times with a sprinkling of […]

On the next edition of The Other Side: “Glitter, Glam & Born to Boogie” – Tuesday August 4, 8-10PM

Musically we came out of the 60s with a lot of protest, freedom of expression and un-plugging from the system. The 70s pushed back on the sound, but amplified these themes. Glam or Glam Rock found its expression through dress, pushing boundaries and throwing a party. This is rebel music, that is a relevant today […]

“On the next edition of The Other Side, Tuesday July 28 from 8-10pm “Sequestered episode 19 – Good Troubles!

In early June we aired an Other Side episode that called attention in subtle ways to the unrest in our country, and now over a month later how the world is feeling about centuries old racial injustice. Unfortunately a technical glitch stopped the broadcast for a good 10-15 minutes and many listeners tuned out. Tonight we […]

July 29 on Dawn Eclectica Summerlove – The Songs of Summer

Yes folks, it’s time for another theme show on Dawn Eclectica. Enjoying the outdoor summer weather is one of the few pleasures we can still enjoy these days, but guess what? Summer is halfway over. So to commemorate and celebrate the summer, I’ll present a tidal wave of songs worshipping and extolling the summer. You’ll […]

A Word In Edgewise – Sherlock Holmes Special 7/19

The famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, meets his arch nemesis, the evil Professor Moriarty, in the upcoming A Word in Edgewise, presented by Vicky Stanton. They engage in a mighty tussle. Will either survive? Tune in and find out at 9:00 pm on Sunday.

The Other Side 8pm-10pm 7/21/20: An Evening with Sparks

An Evening with Sparks The brothers Ron and Russell Mael have been releasing highly idiosyncratic music as Sparks for fifty years, and their new album “A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip” contains more of their witty, melodic, surreal and somewhat perverse songcraft and singing. Guest host Mark Leviton will survey their 21st century output, including tracks […]

The Other Side 8pm-10pm 7/14/20: Maestro Ennio Morricone

This Tuesday 7/14/2020 from 8-10PM on The Other Side: Maestro Ennio Morricone – A Tribute to the maestro, featuring as much of his classic other sideian film music as I can fit into 120 minutes. OK who am I fooling, I can barely scratch the surface of his voluminous musical output, but I’ll do what […]

Dead Air 7/11: Pig Pen

On the upcoming Dead Air, host Chris Towne will be tossing the spotlight on Pig Pen, one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead. He was a bluesman playing in a psychedelic group. It was Pig Pen who persuaded Jerry Garcia to form an electric band.  And the rest was history.  We’ll be playing […]

On the next edition of The Other Side: Sequestered episode 15 “Muzak & Elevator Music”.

On the next edition of The Other Side: Sequestered episode 15 “Muzak & Elevator Music”. I prefer the term furniture music which was coined by composer Erik Satie back in 1917, but sadly that term essentially disappeared soon after. In modern times it is referred to as background music, easy listening and mood music, or perhaps in […]

The Other Side – Sequestered #14 “Self Portraits – A Tribute to Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait Sessions”

On this week’s Other Side we feature a recent interview with Nevada County musician and producer Robert Heirendt as we discuss and listen to the recent release of his latest project featuring 17 diverse artists and tracks paying tribute to Bob Dylan’s infamous 1970 Self Portrait album. Below are a series of links where you […]

The Other Side – Sequestered Episode #13 – Stereolab

The Covid-19 pandemic put a halt to Stereolab’s 2020 touring plans, but we can still celebrate this seminal Anglo-French electronic group with a radio show of rarities — demos, alternate versions and live recordings. Join guest host Mark Leviton for some highly melodic and sometimes trance-inducing sounds on The Other Side’s series of Sequestered Shows. […]

6/17 on Dawn Eclectica – The Money Show

The bible says “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” And then there’s the well worn but insightful cliche that “money is the root of all evil.” Money has been a fertile topic for songwriters and artists. Songs about money have been around as long […]

R Town Radio: The Doors

Sunday 6/7/20 7pm-8pm – Through classic hits, seldom-heard stories and interviews with band members Robby Krieger, and the late Ray Manzarek, KVMR Broadcaster Peter Blachley offers listeners an exclusive and unprecedented glimpse inside The Doors‘ cataclysmic rise. From the now-iconic landmark Manzarek recalls as “the kind of place you could start a religion or plan […]

The Other Side Sequestered Episode #10: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

This week’s Other Side Episode #10 of our Sequestered series and recorded at the TOS home studio, features tons of music from Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar winning 2019 movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. Heads up as there’s over two hours of classic moments from Mr. T’s latest, and we’ll be doing our best to […]

Gary Wells On Creating A Radio Show From Home

KVMR recently published an article about how our various broadcasters are producing radio shows from home. We thought it would be nice to get a closer look at what some of these brilliant DJs have been going through to make this all happen.   Gary Wells Q & A (Host of Crooked Highway, Sundays, 7am-10am):  […]

Brian Terhorst on Creating A Radio Show From Home

KVMR recently published an article about how our various broadcasters are producing radio shows from home. We thought it would be nice to get a closer look at what some of these brilliant DJs have been going through to make this all happen.   Brian Terhorst Host & Producer, Harmony Ridge (Alt. Thursdays, 2-4pm) Broadcaster […]

Prickly Pear On Creating A Radio Show From Home

KVMR recently published an article about how our various broadcasters are producing radio shows from home. We thought it would be nice to get a closer look at what some of these brilliant DJs have been going through to make this all happen. Prickly Pear Q & A (Host of Monday’s Music Magazine, 4pm-6pm):  Q: […]

With Station Closed To Public, Many KVMR Hosts Are Pre-Producing Their Shows From Home

No one’s being snooty about it, but KVMR 89.5 FM just doesn’t want dozens and dozens  of people coming into their building each day during the coronavirus pandemic, both for their volunteers’ health, the station staff and, obviously, the public. So they’re closed, even though KVMR remains on the air 24/7. But  literally all of […]

KVMR’s Top Of The Hour Reports

KVMR will be providing local and regional top of the hour updates on COVID-19 daily at 8am, 10am, 2pm & 4pm. Stay informed with KVMR.

R-Town Radio Special Featuring Crosby, Stills, and Nash

This weeks R-Town Radio Show salutes the Crosby, Stills and Nash First Album released in 1969. KVMR broadcaster Peter Blachley has put together a special program from interviews he did with David Crosby, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills. Photographer Henry Diltz and art director Gary Burden about the LP cover sessions for the group’s debut album. Graham, David […]

The Other Side – Sequestered Episode #8 Kathryn Williams

English singer-songwriter Kathryn Williams only spent about $100 to record her debut album “Dog Leap Stairs” in 1999, but she soon gained attention outside her native Liverpool, and was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize the following year. Guest host Mark Leviton profiles this poetic talent, who has been compared to Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake […]

KVMR’s Keith Porter: A Man Of Many Volunteer Hats

Keith Porter has been used to wearing a variety of volunteer hats, and now he’s wearing several different ones at the same time at KVMR 89.5 FM as well. The latest is providing top of the hour afternoon reports several times on Wednesday and weekends about the local and regional coronavirus pandemic and related news […]

KVMR DJ Scores ‘Other Favorite’ Honors In 2 Union Reader Poll Categories

KVMR 89.5 FM broadcaster Jerianne Van Dijk had smiles all over her face last month when she won not one but two “Best Of Nevada County Other Favorite” honors from The Union Newspapers’ annual reader poll. She was one of two  runner-ups in both “Best Radio Personality” and “Best Local Visual Artist”, and how about […]

Meet April Miranda, A DJ With A Sparkle In Her Eyes

There’s a special sparkle in KVMR 89.5 FM volunteer broadcaster April Miranda’s eyes when she gets animated talking about her love of music, radio, or her family and grandchildren. “One of my favorite things to do is to promote musicians, bringing them out of their living rooms, onto the stage and into the spotlight,” she […]

Upcoming Shows

South Of The Border – March 31st, 2020 Who was Cesar Chavez and why is March 30th Cesar Chavez day? Tune in to South Of The Border, Monday March 31st at 10am, when host Tio David and guests will look at the life and legacy of this remarkable man. That’s Monday, March 31st from 10am-Noon on […]

KVMR Seeks 2020 Visionaries As It ‘Leaps’ Into Membership Drive

It all starts this Sunday as the KVMR 2020 Visionaries Membership Drive takes off this Sunday and runs through Leap Day, Saturday, February 29. But visions don’t come for free. “Only with your support, can we continue to bring us this constant stream of information to help you plan for the future, the music of […]

On the next edition of The Other Side: “Thurston Moore Part II”

During his tenure as a member of the avant-garde rock band Sonic Youth, guitarist Thurston Moore was releasing some of his most psychedelic, noisiest and extreme music on solo and collaborative projects of his own. Guest host Mark Leviton presents Part II of his profile of Mr. Moore’s improvisational prowess on the next edition of […]

Two Award-Winning Broadcasters Celebrate 25 Years

They both have won the John Nichols Award for Excellence in Music Programming on KVMR 89.5 FM. And they both have been honored with the Bill Tuttle Award for Lifetime Achievement in service and programming at the Nevada City community radio station. Later this month, Connie Coale and Jenny Michael will celebrate being alternate week […]

“Flying Colors – Music of the World” will feature music from Africa

As many of us have heard, the beloved and rare instrument of Mali’s renowned musician, Ballake Sissoko, was reportedly destroyed by US TSA Agents last week. The instrument is a KORA and is a delicate, harp-like West African instrument that usually has 21 strings and is handmade and irreplaceable. Please join me this Tuesday 10 […]

Welcome To The World Of Turntablism & Odd DJ Names

The call came just an hour or so before her program. KVMR 89.5 FM Thursday Music Magazine host Elisa Parker wasn’t feeling well — it’s that time of year — and she needed a last minute substitute. No problem, said Step D Luna, a KVMRx regular who has started subbing on the community radio station’s […]

Coming February 12th: All In the Family

We cannot choose our family, so goes the old saying, but often family members make perfect musical partners. And family musical groups are almost as old music itself. The Beach Boys, the Allman and Everly Brothers, the Pointer Sisters, Jackson Five — you get the idea. Join me this Wednesday on Dawn Eclectica when I […]

New Broadcaster

Hi: I’m Reggie and I’m a new broadcaster.  Passing the test feels like an awesome accomplishment.  I’m more of a right brain person so operating a studio board feels like it might feel to fly an airplane which I would not aspire to.  Awhile back I took one of those tests to see what jobs […]

2010’s Decade In Review: Our Favorite Musical Memories

Although the sun has set on the 2010’s, some of our KVMR & KVMRx broadcasters have taken the time to sift through the past decade & highlight some of the more memorable albums & musical experiences that went down these past ten years. Here’s gems of the 2010’s.   Steve Cagle – Blues Spectrum – […]

Time: A New Year, A New Decade – So let’s play music!

Time:  one of the few things human beings cannot control, alter or ruin.   No matter who we are or what we have done, we are all traveling in this dimension until our journey on this planet ends.    And of course, songwriters, artists and poets have all reflected on this inscrutable phenomenon.  On the next Dawn […]

TRAVELLER – Sikh Festival in Yuba City

Yesterday’s show was an exotic experience but close to home—the Sikh Festival in nearby Yuba City, California which attracts 100,000 faithful from California and out of state. In fact, it’s the largest gathering of Sikhs outside their place of origin, northern India and Pakistan in what is known as Punjab. It is the area’s breadbasket. […]

November 20 – Turkey Songs On Dawn Eclectica

Turkeys are in the air.    Real turkeys with cranberry sauce and yams, of course.  But also Turkey Songs.   They’re songs that are kind of silly, maybe stupid, but lovable nevertheless and hard to get them out of your system – like real turkeys.   Join me this Wednesday morning from 4-7 am, when […]

join me for the ride?

…is this the place? KVMR, the place for music addicts?  Hi my name is Tally Mark and I’m addicted to music from the strange to the silly and from foreign to domestic. I grew up on KFRC and Kzap in these Nevada county hills.  I am so excited to share my love of music from […]

TRAVELLER – The Appalachian Trail

Yesterday’s show explored the Appalachian Trail and featured local musicians and a book about the first woman to walk the entire trail in one season. If the AT is on your bucket list–either a continuous thru-hike or just doing a small section–the following information might be useful: FAST FACTS: 1920s Regional Planner Benton McKaye conceived […]

Red Eye Radio -Sept 15 Four hours of psychedelic rock!

Don’t you wish you could be transported back to that magical era of the late 1960s and early 70s when music stretched limits of imagination and seemed to transport you to another world?    Me too.   So I’m bringing you the next best thing – Four hours of nonstop psychedelic music from that era. […]

Women’s Show Chat about Gender Diversity

For those who wanted the resources Susan and Del spoke about on this week’s women’s show for Transgender and Gender non-conforming people, here they are! Trevor Project 866-488-7386 Trans Lifeline 877-565-8860 Gender Health Center (916) 455-2391 PFLAG Nevada County (530) 798-5367

For What It’s Worth – Wednesday on Dawn Eclectica

Next Wednesday, August 28th, I will roll out a stupendous 22 minute jam by the Grateful Dead at the height of their prowess (Providence 1974), take a dip into French jazz, Bollywood, and bluegrass music from Kora Feder and her mom, fan fav Rita Hosking.   I’ll also showcase an hour’s worth of songs from […]

TRAVELLER – Kerrville Folk Festival, Texas

Today’s On-Air Guest: Singer-songwriter Susan Gibson of Wimberley, Texas, whose mega-hit Wide Open Spaces covered by The Dixie Chicks catapulted them to stardom in 1998 and firmly established Susan’s songwriting career. Today, after releasing 7 albums of her own, she tours and teaches songwriting. Look for her new release CD coming October 4, 2019, The Hard Stuff. We […]

TRAVELLER – Ventura County

Feeling beachy–especially with temps in the 90s? Head to Ventura County, California with 42 miles of glorious beachfront, gorgeous views of the Los Padres National Forest with Mt Pinos cascading 8,831 feet high above. Situated between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, you can enjoy the communities of Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa […]

Dawn Electica

Next Wednesday, July 31 on my show Dawn Eclectica I will set the time machine back 54 years and play songs that were topping the charts on July 31, 1965.   From (Can’t Get No) Satisfaction to  Help Me Rhonda, to Marie (you will remember it when I play it), to You’ve Got Your Troubles, to […]


Feeling beachy–especially with temps in the 90s? Head to Ventura County, California with 42 miles of glorious beachfront, gorgeous views of the Los Padres National Forest with Mt Pinos cascading 8,831 feet high above. Situated between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, you can enjoy the communities of Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa […]



I was recently certified as a broadcaster in KVMR, it is very exciting to be part of this wonderful community dedicated to service and spreading good vibes! I have two primary motivations that drove me to join the station: The first one is that I believe that volunteer work is a strong factor for building […]


Welcome to Traveller, a talk and music show rotating Fridays on KVMR. My guest June 28 was long-time Nevada City resident Jim Lewis, RN, who leads groups of people to Cuba. Since 1999, he’s been visiting Cuba both professionally and for pleasure. …Think traveling to Cuba is filled with red tape and difficulty associated with […]

June 19 – Songs of Heartache, Breakup and Vengeance

Everyone knows the number one topic for songwriting is falling in love.    But a close second?   Falling out of love, for sure.  This Wednesday, June 19 on Dawn Eclectica from 4-7 am I'll present almost 3 hours worth of these tunes.   Songs describing those all-too-familiar emotions of losing love, moping about it, […]

Soak it to Me! – Dawn Eclectica, April 10

How many of you are sick of the rain?   Well, this broadcaster ain't just sitting here getting wet, he's doing something about it.   Are you ready for almost 3 hours of rain songs?    That's what you'll get this Wednesday if you listen to Dawn Ececletica, from 4-7 am (that's morning drive time […]

Zep Willie

Willie Dixon v. Page & Plant: Wednesday March 13

On my show Dawn Eclectica I do an occasional feature called Copycats, where I describe copyright infringement battles between artists and composers.  And If you’ve been following this series, you know that Led Zeppelin is the World Champion of rip off artists. On Led Zepellin II, Zep had a monster hit called “Whole Lotta Love.” […]



Suzanne Webb, host, TRAVELLER, a new show that blends music and travel First episode: Wednesday, February 13, 10pm-Midnight (see KVMR listen tab/archive) First destination: Memphis TN Travelling is an expanding experience, but it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable at times. A little bit of forethought, organization and self-reflection can help alleviate some of that.  This […]

It was 50 years ago today…….

On January 30, 1969 the Beatles surprised a central London office and fashion district with an impromptu concert from the roof of the headquarters of the band's multimedia corporation Apple Corps at 3 Savile Row.   The event will forever be noted in history as the last live performance of all four Beatles playing together.   And […]

2019 – Dawn of a New Era?

It's almost 2019:  a new year, a new Congress and maybe a new President?   After a month's absence, I'm ready to roar into 2019 with another edition of Dawn Eclectica, this Wednesday, January 2 from 4-7 am.   We take another deep dive into the Beatles Super Deluxe 50th anniversary of the White Album, with more […]

Bring more joy into your life…listen to music and maybe even sing along too!

I cry with joy when I see happy commercials, I can even go into an immediate weep watching a touching and heartfelt piece with a happy ending.  When I listen to melancholy music, I’m ready to sip tea and snuggle on the couch and if disco, Motown, R & B or upbeat bluegrass is playing, […]

Analog Dragon new release Everlasting Soul

Local band Analog Dragon just released a brand new single, Everlasting Soul Intro (instrumental). They will be performing live in-studio just after 9:00 am this morning. Check out their brand new video for the release! 

Dec 1 Red Eye – The LONG Version

Why are commercial radio stations so averse to playing any song longer than 5 minutes?    A long song gives the artists a chance to stretch their musical creativity.   And it gives the listener the chance to turn off the external noise and wander around in the mysterious caverns  of the music itself.   Join me on […]

This Wednesday – Turkey Tracks!

In honor of Thanksgiving, Dawn Eclectica on Wednesday November 21 will feature an entire show of "Turkeys."  Turkeys are songs or spoken word tracks that are corny or silly, maybe even stupid, but lovable nevertheless and hard to get out of your head.   Examples are: Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio Express, MacArthur Park by […]

All aboard! Cool Tracks hosted by Kiwi Annie & Bronx Bob

Jump aboard on a musical ride as we host "Cool Tracks" on a special Sunday Showcase. Dozens of tracks about tracks, leaving the station at 3:00 PM.  It's more than just train songs.

Post Election Eclectica

If you're an election junkie like me, you'll be up at least half the night watching/following election returns Tuesday.    But why stop there?   My show Dawn Eclectica airs from 4-7 am on Wednesday, November 7 – that's right, the morning after the midterm election.  It's very possible the fate of Congress and several […]


Dead Air This Saturday Night Featuring Newly Released Albums

On the next edition of Dead Air, listen to music highlights from Grateful Dead albums newly released this year. Dead Air host Art Porebski will feature music from these albums as well as a few other surprises!  This program airs Saturday night (10/27) from 8 – 10 pm. Only on your local community supported radio […]

Oct 24 – Hear Your Train A Comin’

Why have songs about trains become such an iconic centerpiece of American music? Ever since the underground railroad provided a path out of slavery, trains have represented freedom and escape from a harsh life for African American bluesmen and poor white country singers alike.  There is something about boarding a train that represents escape to […]

Tues Oct 16 – The Other Side of Pink Floyd

Every rock music fan knows about Pink Floyd's famous Dark Side of the Moon, one of the best selling albums of all time, but few are aware of the origins of the band, co-founded by a couple of architecture students at London Polytechnic Institute. Initially led by their their brilliant but mentally unstable guitarist Syd […]

Exclusive to KVMR,The man who shot Queen and Rocky Horror

My next interview will be with "The man who shot the Seventies" Mick Rock. Just in time for the new Freddie Mercury film "Bohemian Rhapsody". Mick will tell us all the stories behind the making of this iconic album and his friendship with Freddie Mercury and the band. Roommates with Syd Barrett Mick tells us […]

Where Did The Funk Go?

Somewhat recently the world lost the legendary female voice of Aretha Franklin. Her passing has inspired a resurgence of some of her greatest hits and led to a jump on the nostagia train taking people through some of the classics of Mowtown and the origins of Funk. But going back through these countless album has […]

Randy California Rides Again!

In a December edition of my Copycats series, I told the tale of a lawsuit for copyright infringement brought by the estate of Randy California (nee Randy Wolfe) against Jimmy Page and Robert Plant based on the opening chords to Stairway to Heaven. You see, Randy, frontman and lead guitarist of the 60's band Spirit, […]

September 26 Dawn Eclectica – A trip to the 60’s and back

Dawn Eclectica returns on September 26 – will we know the fate of the Supreme Court by then? Who the funk cares? This show will feature a nostalgic return to the 60's – including seldom-played but unforgettable TV themes – as well as some brand new stuff by new and old artists. Michelle Williams and […]


Early Sets Up the Whole Day

Hey! This week's Early Morning Ramble with John Adams will include…..ME!  I have just passed my cert, and to my surprise, John has not banned me from his studio.  Entirely.  So I'll come in at 4am – 7am Friday September 21, 2018 for three hours of rambling Americana and Folk and Celtic music, all of […]

What the heck, stay up all night!

And right after Diana’s Red Eye show, Dawn Eclectica returns, 4-7 am Wednesday 9/12, massaging your musical libido & stimulating your mind.   Azam Ali treats us to a fusion of Indian and Persian music.  George Carlin riffs about baseball, football and religion.   Sample Paul McCartney’s newest album and relax to long jams by […]


Red Eye Radio!

Please join me on September 12 from midnight to 4a.m.  I will be featuring music from some of my favorite guitarists from the 1970's and 80's.  Also, coming up on September 21, I will be playing Big Band music with an emphasis on female vocalists of that era.  I have one more Red Eye radio […]

Dawn Eclectica – Organized Chaos for your Wednesday Morning

What do Jimmy Durante, Sandy Denny, Miles Davis, Tim McGraw, Magic Giant, Bonnie Raitt and Jethro Tull all have in common?    Why, they will all be played on my show next Wednesday August 22 from 4-7 am.   I have expertly blended 33 songs for your listening pleasure before I take 3 weeks off […]

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All the best tickets all IN ONE PLACE, most at DISCOUNT PRICES!! TICKETPALOOZA supports free-speech community radio, live music throughout our region, AND YOU GET GREAT DEALS. Tune in Friday morning August 17th, 7 AM – 11 AM! Check your calendar now, then call in early and often. Don't forget to thank the promoters by […]

Another woman broadcaster at KVMR!

I am thrilled to have passed my on-air test on August 05.  Many thanks to friend and KVMR broadcaster Iris Bilodeau for suggesting I try the broadcaster training class and for her encouragement along the way.  The first time I walked in the door, I felt at home.  The staff and volunteers that I have […]

Dawn Eclectica Aug 15 – A Sea of River Songs

We live in a land full of magical rivers. The Yuba, the American, the Truckee, the Eel, the Sacramento — rivers are the lifeblood of Northern California. And rivers have long been the subject of fascination by musicians and songwriters. So why not celebrate the ebbing summer with a mind-blowing stack of River Songs? I've […]

Becoming a KVMR Broadcaster

The journey all began when I spotted KVMR’s Broadcaster’s Training Workshop announcement for two weekend days in April. I happen to be free and I was interested in learning the ropes of radio. I have many musical passions, but I desired expanding my musical palette. So, I signed up and attended the classes. I was […]

The Rock’n Down Under Show/ Bronx Bob & Kiwi Annie

Comin' atcha' tonight at 10:PM.  Spinning some of the best tracks from Down Under. Getcha' dancing shoes on and get ready to "Get Down! Thats tonight. 10PM till Midnight. Only on KVMR FM

Rock’n’ Down Under

When: Monday 6th August. Where: Kvmr 10 – midnight. What: New Zealand and Australian music exclusively. Why: Good stuff!

Monday Monday

We love Monday! We love our lineup this week, from the uplifting little instrumentals of Radius to the incredibly powerful voice of Alice Terry, just 24 years old and with a voice they say “sounds like she's had three husbands and killed 'em all!” But the listening pleasure doesn't end there, just a whole lot […]

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