Calling All Pets! Here’s How To Become a KVMR Pin-Up Calendar Critter

Written by on August 3, 2020

It’s got the look of a developing tradition.  That would be the third annual KVMR 89.5 FM Pet Pin-Up Calendar, which is looking for adorable or funny  photos of your funny or adorable pets.

Taqi’s in the horse race to be in the third annual KVMR Pet Calendar
this December

“A couple years ago, we got the idea because so many listeners would send us photos of their pets unsolicited so we thought  let’s solicit them,” explains KVMR Membership Director Adriana Kelly.  “At first, it was a joke and then it seemed like a pet calendar would be a fun idea.”

“People will shoot me pictures while we’re talking on the phone, for instance,” Kelly says. “It’s a hoot.”

“We truly need cute pictures of puppies and kitties, chinchillas..” she adds, with someone in the background yelling “freaky ass alligators.”

“Yes, we’re also really looking for people with exotic pets.  Birds, snakes, rodents, you know…”



Photo entries can be emailed to or prints can be sent to KVMR Pet Calendar, 120 Bridge Street, Nevada City CA 95959 but will not be returned. Deadline is August 31st.

What’s this blue thing doing on my head, wonders Rotis The Dog, and will
my expression get me a place in the KVMR Pet Calendar?

Include your pet’s name and breed, their favorite KVMR shows or any other information you’d like the judges to know, plus contact information. Judges also are reserving the right to name the “most KVMRest pet,” whatever that means, according to Kelly.

“Last year we squeezed in 160 pets,” she notes. “This year, we’ll try to squeeze them all in.”

Hmm….That may require adding a few extra months to the 2021 KVMR Pet Calendar.


Photos are gathered and put into 12 monthly pet and art collages by KVMR volunteer broadcasters Jerianne Van Dijk and Todd Wahoske, with gentle suggestions from Kelly. This year local designer Cyle Smith has joined the production team.

Oh, a personal favorite from the Kelly herself?

“I like it when cats sit like regular people.”

There ya go.

Willow The Cat apparently prepares to pre-produce a radio show at home about the 2021 KVMR Pet Calendar.

The calendar is being sponsored for the third year by Incredible Pets and for the first year by longtime KVMR supporters BriarPatch Food Co-op.

Calendars go as gifts to KVMR’s End-Of-Year Donors, and Incredible Pets also donates pet food to a local pet charity for every holiday contribution to KVMR before January 1st.

They were gone in a flash two years ago so more were printed last year. A few remain if you don’t know what day and date it is.



And all submitted photos are available on KVMR’s flickr page, which you can get by entering “KVMR flickr pets”

Disappointed a previous entry of yours didn’t make the printed Calendar?

“The single biggest reason we can’t use some entries is photo quality,” according to Kelly.

And the term “pin-up” is simply tongue-in-chic.  Some of the pets in the calendar are clothed, and it’s family-friendly.

Apparently, Popcorn is celebrating a birthday.


Thanks for support from BriarPatch Food Co-op & Incredible Pets







WHAT:  KVMR 89.5 FM 2021 Pet Pin-Up Calendar

HOW:  Enter by sending  pet photos via e-mail or mail with name and information about your pet and contact information for you.

E-MAIL:  Photo and information to

MAIL:  Send print and information to KVMR Pet Calendar, 120 Bridge Street, Nevada City CA 95959; photos will not be returned so send a copy, not the original.

DEADLINE: Monday, August 31st

INFORMATION: or 530/264-4165 (Membership Dept.)


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