Board Life Begins At 30 For KVMR’s Two Newest Directors

Written by on November 5, 2019

Well, it’s definitely the first time it’s happened this century, and maybe even longer,  but KVMR volunteers elected two broadcasters in their early 30s to the station’s Board of Directors  during the Nevada City non-commercial radio station’s general meeting last week.

“Just having a ( and 105.7 FM) show wasn’t enough for me,” said new Board member Sean Patrick Leydon, 31 years old. “The station is in a state of flux, and that’s important. I decided to take the avenue to help influence our path forward.”

Agreed fellow new board member, Paula Andrea Galindo, 33, “I love how wonderful that can be, recognizing the value and the power and the synergy when people are working together.”

The two of them were elected by a broadcaster and volunteer election pool, many of whom are getting closer to  double Leydon and Galindo’s ages.

“There’s a lot of potential and good energy there,” predicted outgoing director Del Wilcox, who helped coordinate the board election.

For instance, Galindo was one of the two very first new broadcasters certified from the station’s broadcaster training class of 2019.

” I believe that volunteer work is a strong factor for building a community and developing bonds among its members,” she said.

New KVMR Board Member, Paula Andrea Galindo


And to show her commitment, she’s already volunteered and done seven overnight program assignments since June, “playing eclectic playlists of different music to keep you good company.”

A native of Colombia who has lived here four  years and eight years in the states, Galindo is a life coach (an “Awakening Consultant”) with a degree in psychology, plus work in therapy and hypnosis.

“It’s how to grow yourself and live in harmony,” she explained. “I help people move from positions and attitudes of limitation and suffering into processes that produce joy, growth and peace.”

Leydon comes from another take. He’s got a fine arts degree all right from his time at Cal State Humboldt.

“I’m hard working, but deep thinking,”  Leydon said with a laugh, exhausted as he spoke after a hot, tough day laboring on a roof.

His background includes lots and lots of volunteering.

“It’s  really, really important,” said Leydon, “if only to support the people around you.”

New KVMR Board Member, Sean Patrick Leydon

He chuckled at being called a “volunteer class hero.”

His radio show airs live every other Friday on both KVMRx and 105.7 FM from 10 p.m. to midnight.

Its unusual title, “Hungry But Kind,” just fits into the scheme of things.

“it’s how I feel about the world and in general,” according to Leydon, who has one quick, wicked sense of humor.

“I play heavy metal, but not death and destructive,” he explained. “Get this, what I play is really cosmic.”

Sean is part of a committee new KVMR General Manager Ali Lightfoot put together to produce ideas and programs on the station’s second signal at 105.7 FM.

Added fellow new Board member Galindo, “In a way of assuring the future of our station, having more young people, well, we’re taking the responsibilities to keep running it to serve our community.  It was nice for us both to see we’re similar in what we’re bringing to the Board.”

(KVMR 89.5 FM is Nevada City’s community radio station, driven by volunteers.  It also features The Bridge 105.7 FM, where leading National Public Radio programs and others can be heard daytime, plus evening “millenial” music programming 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily. KVMR shows and The Bridge can be heard live at  online. is a 24-hour-a-day streaming service for creative indie pop and many other music genres.)

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