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Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Dec 29, 2016
The Hazard you call Hap will keep you company over the radio airwaves this Friday afternoon at KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM. We're caught between the end and the beginning, once again, so we need each other. Join in from 4 to 6pm at kvmr.org and hear all about it.    
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Dec 27, 2016
On Wednesday, December 28, 2016 during the noon hour I interview Dr. Will Tuttle about how ethical eating can lead to world peace.  Dr. Tuttle is author of the best-selling book "The World Peace Diet".  You can see the book here:http://www.worldpeacediet.com/ Dr. Tuttle has just returned from a...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Dec 22, 2016
Hap Hazard will be with you on the radio this Friday KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM from 4 - 6pm, so that you will not be alone. We'll warm by the fire of music and the magic of radio. Step out of the culture and into the heart of things, together.
Mark Leviton's picture
Mark Leviton on Dec 21, 2016
Tonight at 10pm it's the last Pet Sounds radio program of the year, and we'll be hearing from some of the budget-busting box sets and reissues that have brightened 2016. Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, Gene Clark, The Mothers of Invention & more!
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Dec 15, 2016
Hap Hazard looks forward to keeping you company this Friday at KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM, from 4 - 6pm. Leta Gibney and Lauren Avery in at 4:30 with live music, Saul and Elena Rayo in at 5pm, opening the door to The Night of Giving fundraiser for the homeless. Gather together around the fire of...
Vicky Stanton on Dec 10, 2016
Sunday, December 11 at 9:00 pm: ho ho ho - want an antidote to too much holiday cheer? How about a bleak tale set in Depression Era journalism? Vicky Stanton reads the first in two parts of Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathaniel West. A struggling young reporter has agreed to write a newspaper advice...
Mark Leviton's picture
Mark Leviton on Dec 7, 2016
Between 1968 and 1972 soul music profoundly changed.  Tonight I'll feature Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and other musical innovators.
Jeanie Keltner's picture
Jeanie Keltner on Dec 6, 2016
Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 Jeanie Keltner interviews Alison Weir, from If Americans Knew.  You can check out Alison's website here http://ifamericansknew.org/.  You can also listen to Alison in the above video.  Thanks for listening!  The Undernews airs on the 1st and 5th Wednesdays of the...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Dec 1, 2016
Hap Hazard will playall the cuts from the Rolling Stones new album "Blue and Lonesome" out on December 2. All covers of traditional blues (and rockin'!) Listen for that after 5pm. Annual Holiday Ceramic and Glass Sale information at 4:30. Looks like Hap's gonna take care of you on this chilly...
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Nov 25, 2016
Lambchop - Writer Lambchop - NIV A Tribe Called Quest - The Space Program A Tribe Called Quest - We the People…. Lambchop - Flotus Lambchop - Flotus - Merge Records Lambchop, originally Posterchild, is a band from Nashville, Tennessee. Lambchop is loosely associated with the alternative...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Nov 25, 2016
Hap will put you into the Recovery program this Friday, and ease you and cool you into your spark. Just tune in to KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM from 4 - 6pm, as day becomes night. kvmr.org all over the world...It's the radio!
Peggy Bean's picture
Peggy Bean on Nov 22, 2016
Tune into SOS Radio on Wednesday, 11/23/16 @12:06pm for a live interview with Hope Bohanec, author of "The Ultimate Betrayal - is there Happy Meat?"  Hope is the coordinator for the Sonoma Veg Fest.  You can find out more info about Hope at http://www.socoveg.org. She is also a project manager at...
Harriet Diamond's picture
Harriet Diamond on Nov 17, 2016
All of us have experienced at one time difficulties with how to navigate the relationship maze. John Gray, Ph.D.says, “the most common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the sexes” In our first program of HE SAID…SHE SAID,...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Nov 17, 2016
Hap Hazard is here Friday afternoon to support your transitions in this time of change. Shift into gear between 4 - 6 pm, as afternoon becomes evening... KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM will connect us! Come on aboard for the Community Calendar at 5:30. Check out kvmr.org anywhere in the world.
Mark Leviton's picture
Mark Leviton on Nov 16, 2016
Tonight at 10pm! The Byrds, Mothers of Invention, Randy Newman, Laura Nyro, Grateful Dead, MC5, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, The Temptations and many others will help with the post-election analysis.
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Nov 13, 2016
Hap Hazard came across this interview while preparing for a Leonard Cohen show.
Todd Wahoske's picture
Todd Wahoske on Nov 11, 2016
Jim James - Same Old Lie Jim James - Here in Spirit D.D Dumbo - Satan D.D Dumbo - Oyster Jim James - Eternally Even Jim James - Eternally Even - Capitol Records James Edward Olliges, Jr. professionally known as Jim James or Yim Yames, is an American vocalist, guitarist, producer, and...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Nov 10, 2016
With the passing of Leonard Cohen, Hap Hazard will celebrate the life and music of one of the great poets and gentlemen of our time. "We have lost one of music's most revered and prolific visionaries" So tune in from 4 - 6 pm this Friday, at KVMR 89.5FM & 105.1FM and at kvmr.org. We will...
Hap Hazard's picture
Hap Hazard on Nov 4, 2016
Cast your assumptions away - Hap is back to alter your Friday afternoon! One more chance to get some unique playlists and support community radio. Find out about The Beauty Way at 4:30. Join me for Community Calendar at 5:30. The rest is music to your ears! Tune in from 4 - 6pm left coast time KVMR...
Adriana Kelly's picture
Adriana Kelly on Nov 2, 2016
KVMR's Fall Membership Drive AMAZING LIST OF TICKETS- all the best events throughout the region! And don't forget-every pledge is automatically entered to win a brand new iPad mini 128GB! That's a lot of power in a tiny fun machine! check out full rules on the membership page... 10/29 Sat- Fright...


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