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Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Mar 9, 2019
 On my show Dawn Eclectica I do an occasional feature called Copycats, where I describe copyright infringement battles between artists and composers.  And If you’ve been following this series, you know that Led Zeppelin is the World Champion of rip off artists.  On Led Zepellin II, Zep had a...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Feb 28, 2019
Welcome to "Liquid Mind," immediately following Dead Air this Saturday March 2 from 10 pm to Midnight. Consciousness expanding music that lends itself to relaxation as well as careful listening; music that blends exquisite jams, experimentation, superb vocal performances, and beautiful harmonies,...
Melissa Ann Seibold's picture
Melissa Ann Seibold on Feb 27, 2019
Delivering Printing Services to Your Door:  Just like the Milk Man Used to do! KVMR receives support from Milk Man Toner Company; leasing the latest printers, and offering toner replacement delivery and repair and servicing for just about anything. Milk Man Toner Company services Sacramento, and...
Suzanne Webb's picture
Suzanne Webb on Feb 14, 2019
Suzanne Webb, host, TRAVELLER, a new show that blends music and travel First episode: Wednesday, February 13, 10pm-Midnight (see KVMR listen tab/archive) First destination: Memphis TN Travelling is an expanding experience, but it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable at times. A little bit of...
Adriana Kelly's picture
Adriana Kelly on Feb 6, 2019
It's that time again- Winter Membership Drive time. We hope you'll "Get Your Heart On" KVMR style, and step up for community radio. We know you love the music and we want you to get out there and see some. Whenever you're out and about let folks know you heard about their events at KVMR- and check...
Adriana Kelly's picture
Adriana Kelly on Jan 31, 2019
Peter Blachley of Morrison Hotel Gallery is NEW broadcaster at KVMR & donated photographs by Henry Diltz! These beautiful photographs are incentives for listeners to become members in our upcoming winter membership drive. We have seven 8" x 10" photos, and two 20" x 24" photos, as well as some...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Jan 27, 2019
On January 30, 1969 the Beatles surprised a central London office and fashion district with an impromptu concert from the roof of the headquarters of the band's multimedia corporation Apple Corps at 3 Savile Row.   The event will forever be noted in history as the last live performance of all four...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Jan 13, 2019
Hey hey we're the Monkees!   Michael Nesmith will always be best known as a member of the much beloved and much disparaged 60's pop group, but he did go on to create an impressive body of music that millions still avidly listen to, including this Nesmith Junkie.   Since Michael is coming to do a...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Dec 28, 2018
It's almost 2019:  a new year, a new Congress and maybe a new President?   After a month's absence, I'm ready to roar into 2019 with another edition of Dawn Eclectica, this Wednesday, January 2 from 4-7 am.   We take another deep dive into the Beatles Super Deluxe 50th anniversary of the White...
Miriam Limov's picture
Miriam Limov on Dec 19, 2018
I cry with joy when I see happy commercials, I can even go into an immediate weep watching a touching and heartfelt piece with a happy ending.  When I listen to melancholy music, I’m ready to sip tea and snuggle on the couch and if disco, Motown, R & B or upbeat bluegrass is playing, I cannot...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Dec 4, 2018
Did you know there is a brand new version of The White Album?   Thats right, to commemorate the 50th anniversary The Beatles iconic self-titled album, the group has has released a deluxe version of all 30 tracks are newly mixed by producer Giles Martin, son of original album producer George Martin...
Charlotte Peterson's picture
Charlotte Peterson on Nov 30, 2018
Local band Analog Dragon just released a brand new single, Everlasting Soul Intro (instrumental). They will be performing live in-studio just after 9:00 am this morning. Check out their brand new video for the release! 
Peter Blachley's picture
Peter Blachley on Nov 29, 2018
Sunday Showcase with the Z-Man Please join me on Sunday Showcase December 9th from 3 - 5 PM. My special guest will be Michael Zagaris (The Z-Man) official photographer of the San Francisco 49ers for almost 50 years and the official photographer for the Oakland A's since '81. Michael also shot...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Nov 26, 2018
Why are commercial radio stations so averse to playing any song longer than 5 minutes?    A long song gives the artists a chance to stretch their musical creativity.   And it gives the listener the chance to turn off the external noise and wander around in the mysterious caverns  of the music...
Charlotte Peterson's picture
Charlotte Peterson on Nov 16, 2018
Here's anothe rway we can help victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise. The Superintendent of Butte County Office of Education has sent out the following message and requests. "The Butte Schools Foundation is set up specifically for educational purposes for schools, students, and staff. We need cash...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Nov 15, 2018
In honor of Thanksgiving, Dawn Eclectica on Wednesday November 21 will feature an entire show of "Turkeys."  Turkeys are songs or spoken word tracks that are corny or silly, maybe even stupid, but lovable nevertheless and hard to get out of your head.   Examples are: Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Nov 3, 2018
If you're an election junkie like me, you'll be up at least half the night watching/following election returns Tuesday.    But why stop there?   My show Dawn Eclectica airs from 4-7 am on Wednesday, November 7 - that's right, the morning after the midterm election.  It's very possible the fate of...
Art Porebski's picture
Art Porebski on Oct 26, 2018
On the next edition of Dead Air, listen to music highlights from Grateful Dead albums newly released this year. Dead Air host Art Porebski will feature music from these albums as well as a few other surprises!  This program airs Saturday night (10/27) from 8 - 10 pm. Only on your local community...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Oct 17, 2018
Why have songs about trains become such an iconic centerpiece of American music? Ever since the underground railroad provided a path out of slavery, trains have represented freedom and escape from a harsh life for African American bluesmen and poor white country singers alike.  There is something...
Paul Berger's picture
Paul Berger on Oct 11, 2018
Every rock music fan knows about Pink Floyd's famous Dark Side of the Moon, one of the best selling albums of all time, but few are aware of the origins of the band, co-founded by a couple of architecture students at London Polytechnic Institute. Initially led by their their brilliant but mentally...


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