with Diana Cooley-Filikitonga

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Where is the Love?

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Imagine being 56 years old, sleeping out in the woods for the better part of 5 years. Robert, who considers himself home-free, instead of home-less, says he is ready to tell a different story now. His body is letting him know, “…it’s not going to put up with this, at least not as graceful."

His story of recovering from addiction, managing disabilities, and clearing his body, mind, and spirit of his destructive past from his home in the woods, will amaze you. He has had all his belongings stolen on four different occasions. He shares his story of how he survived one of the most devastating winters in recent Nevada County history.
He dealt with his anger in a lengthy prison stay, and came out the other side putting others concerns equal or above his own. He has been assisting others get needed services from his unique position of “boots on the ground.” 
Where is the Love? It’s emanating from Robert!
These were recorded “on location,” and I can’t tell you how honored we felt to be invited into his home.
LISTEN to PART 1 and PART 2!