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Volunteer Profile: Susan McGuire

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Volunteer Susan McGuire



One of the things that has impressed me the most about KVMR has been the length of commitment of some of our volunteers. Susan McGuire is one of those…..she has been involved with KVMR since first arriving in our area in 1990 and has stayed involved on some level with only a couple of brief leaves of absence.  

Susan came to Nevada City from the Monterey Bay area to work as the kitchen manager at John Woolman School. She wisely recognized that working at the School would be all consuming and that it would be prudent to find an outside activity to draw her out into the community. She was already familiar with KVMR, since it was the only station she could get out at the Woolman School, so she briefly considered volunteering with one of the local theater companies but ended up finding a match at KVMR.

KVMR was still in the “pit” in the Miner’s Foundry at that time, and she jumped right in helping out with front office duties and membership drives. This was back in the day when Steve Ramsey was the General Manager. In 1993, after having been with KVMR for a few years, she took on the position of interim Membership Coordinator, which she did for about 4 months in the summer before Richard Tewes took it over.

KVMR eventually moved across the street to the Bridge Building, and Susan remained on as one of our front desk reception volunteers (it was in this position that I found her when I first arrived at KVMR in 2002!). Susan would occasionally take a leave of absence when her real job required it. After 20 years at the Woolman School, Susan switched jobs and went to work for Dr. Emmet Miller and she had to give up her from desk position at KVMR. But lucky for us she couldn’t stay away entirely, and she is now back helping out once a week in our membership department.

Susan has managed to have other hobbies over the years….she was involved with the Foothill Swing Dance Society and she was also part of the GV Taiko Drum group. Then she hooked up with her partner Russ, bought a house and the remodeling bug took over her life. Now she is also staying busy repurposing old jeans into purses (seen in the photo above!). But still she keeps coming back to KVMR…she loves the radio station, and considers many of the associated folks to be family. She loves the programming, the events, the community involvement and she feels good contributing to that.