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Volunteer Profile: Eric "Flarebo" Flaherty

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Eric...his beautiful smile...and Bali shirt!

Eric “Flarebo” Flaherty has been working the front desk at KVMR on Tuesday afternoons for some time now. Scratching his head, Eric says to himself, “Has it been five, or six, years?” We’re not really sure any more. One thing’s for sure, Eric is one dedicated guy who will tell you he feels like he’s in “the center of the universe” when he sits at the front desk at KVMR. He says it’s the best thing about volunteering for the station. And we love that he’s here. Eric always brings a smile to the office, as is actually the case wherever he goes.

KVMR’s front desk is not all Eric does. A graduate of the 2011 KVMR Broadcaster Training Class, Eric can be heard frequently on air, subbing for broadcasters in any number of genres, which can be a difficult task! But Eric takes it all in stride, finding great tunes of his own, plus playing anything that’s hanging around the station that fits, as well as taking requests and seeking them out for listeners.

Eric hails from San Francisco, coming to town here in Nevada City in-or-about seven years ago after an illustrious career as a used book store owner/seller for twenty (or so) years in The City. Eric loves to read, and as the entrepreneur/start-up guy he is, went from working part-time in used book sales to opening his own store. Before that, Eric spent many, many years as a cook, and says, “Cooking seemed like a blend of science and art”, which fed his creative side. “I have great taste buds, so it was a good gig”. Eric later opened and ran a catering business before making the switch to the bookstore.

Eric likes to get out and volunteers at outreach events, and is part of the live broadcast crew for KVMR at the High Sierra Music Festival coming up the end of June. We’re super glad he made it to our little town, and has become a well-known member of the KVMR family. Stop by the office between 1 and 5 pm on Tuesdays, and you will see why we love him.