Volunteer Profile: Bob and Annie DeSanti

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Bronx Bob and the Kiwi Belle

If you’ve been at all involved with KVMR in the past few years, you will very likely have encountered Bob and Annie DeSanti, a.k.a. Bronx Bob and the Kiwi Belle.

Bob and Annie landed permanently in Grass Valley 3 years ago after traveling the world for 12 years in an RV (2 ½ of those years were in Annie’s home country of New Zealand). They found their way to Grass Valley when they came to work as campground hosts at Rollins Lake…and they found KVMR because they were both stuck in the RV with the flu, and KVMR was the only radio station that would come in.

Luckily for them and for KVMR, it was a match! They became listeners, and then they became volunteers, and as is the next logical step in the progression, they have just completed KVMR’s Broadcaster Training Class and are now becoming broadcasters.

Bob and Annie can often be found staffing KVMR’s outreach booth at various events and concerts around our listening area. You may also recognize their distinctive voices (Bob with a Bronx accent, Annie with a New Zealand accent) as someone who took your pledge, or perhaps someone who called you to talk about a lapsed membership.

When they’re not at KVMR, Bob and Annie are busy with lots of projects. I think of them as the Renaissance couple….both are artists, Annie working on her colorful and sometimes whimsical neo pen and ink detailed designs (she calls it Psycho Synthesis), and Bob working in simple charcoal and specializing in sructures and trucks. Both have shown their work locally, most recently at Nevada City’s First Friday Artwalk. Both are also published writers (they initially “met” on an online writer’s forum), and Bob is a musician as well. Both of course have a deep love and appreciation of music, and plan to focus their radio time on introducing folks to the music of Australia and New Zealand. They also love to hike, kayak, and do tai chi.

Bob and Annie have been a wonderful and enthusiastic addition to the KVMR community, and they complement each other perfectly. Annie summed it up best:  if Bob can’t do it, he’ll try anyway, and if he doesn’t know the answer he’ll make something up. Annie is the voice of reason.