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Volunteer Profile: Barbara Chesnut

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We all know the voices of KVMR, but unless you visit our offices from time to time you might not know the faces of KVMR. We have a different smiling face everyday staffing our front reception desk, greeting and directing people, dispensing information, and just adding to the general overall family feel of our office.

One such person is Barbara Chesnut, our Friday morning front desk volunteer. Moving to Nevada City in 1999 to be closer to her sister’s family so that her son could grow up close to his cousins, Barbara was drawn to KVMR because of its socially relevant programming . KVMR connected her with like-minded people, and gave her an avenue in which to get involved. Involving herself with Community radio was not a stretch for Barbara. She grew up in the Bay area in a left wing family…her parents were activists in the 30’s, as well as charter members of KPFA. As a 10 year old Barbara won a contest and was thrilled to have her name read on the air at KPFA. The connection to community radio stuck with Barbara throughout her life, and she sought out community radio in the various places she lived. She listened to community radio in Minnesota, and she lived in NYC for a period of time and helped out at WBAI fund drives. It was really only natural that she would find KVMR upon moving to Nevada City.

Barbara has put her various talents to work for KVMR in a variety of ways over the years. She was responsible for most of the archival poster displays that accompanied our “Thirty Years in Your Ears” celebration in 2008. Now she is helping out with a regular shift at our front reception desk, and we are delighted to have her.

When she isn’t at KVMR she might be found hiking and up in her beloved Sierras. Her family vacationed in the Sierras when she was growing up, and she worked at Clare Tappan Lodge as a teen and led hikes for the Sierra Club to the Peter Grubb hut and other destinations. The smell of pine still makes her nostalgic for her days traipsing around the Sierras. How perfect that she landed in the foothills, with proximity to the high Sierras and access to the culture and community of KVMR!