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Underwriter of the Month: July 2015

The Gray Goose ~ Nevada City


“From the sublime to the ridiculous.”

If you want fresh, zany and clever to match your good sense of humor, you will want to check out The Gray Goose at 230 Broad Street in Nevada City. The Gray Goose carries an eclectic mix of gifts, cards, jewelry and collectible items, including an extensive and varied “Day of the Dead” collection. The Gray Goose is owned and operated by Stuey Weills, long-time Nevada City resident with deep Cornish roots, along with her Westy/CEO, Archie, and perhaps an occasional friend or two who join in for the Gray Goose fun.

From what we here at KVMR can tell, the Gray Goose is our longest standing, continual business supporter or KVMR underwriter.  The hard-copy invoice records in the Gray Goose folder go back to September 30th, 1983. That would mean the Gray Goose has been supporting KVMR for nearly 32 years. That is truly astounding commitment in our books! And, you will be sure to hear KVMR piping from the radio throughout her quaint and colorful shop.

“I like how eclectic (KVMR) is,” says Weills. “I have learned to appreciate music I would never have listened to before. I also love the live broadcasts. Bluegrass, the Strawberry Festival.”

Weills is also incredibly thankful for KVMR as a Community Emergency Resource.

“I am so grateful for the immediate Yubanet ( information during local emergencies,” said Weills.

“I have been involved with (KVMR) for so long, it is second nature to listen to KVMR. It is so important to the Community.”

So, next time you are in search of that perfect gift or zany oddity, please support our long-standing business supporting underwriter, the Gray Goose. Or just stroll through the store for entertainment’s sake - to listen to KVMR. And - it goes without saying - the Gray Goose is dog-friendly. Treats and water available for 4-legged customers. No purchase necessary.

Located: 230 Broad Street ~ Nevada City

Phone: 530-265-5909

Shop online:

Store hours: Open Daily 10-5 / Sunday 11-4 


Archie: CEO of The Gray Goose