Underwriter of the Month: March 2016

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Underwriter of the Month:


The Fowler Family knows how to Build community for their Consumers!

Locally Owned & Operated by the Fowler Family since 1940


For over 76 years, B & C Home Center has served the Nevada City and Grass Valley community. The Fowler family has made it a priority to be actively involved in the local community, supporting social and culture organizations and education. B & C Hardware has taken an active role helping with community projects and organizations through donations and personal involvement.

“We realize that all of our customers are our neighbors,” says Greg Fowler, co-owner of B&C Home Center, along with his brother Gary Fowler and cousin Kim Janousek and her husband Tom. “The diversity of the customers and the diversity of the work is great,” says Greg. “I am involved in so many different aspects of the business every day -- from shagging carts in the parking lot to working with our great crew (of over 70 employees).”

Greg is incredibly friendly and welcoming, exuding a sincere, warm smile each and every time he greets a customer. His “career” within the family business began around age 12, shoveling sawdust out of the pit of the mill, where Asian Gardens now exists. Greg and his family have always been hard workers and community-minded.

“We are pleased to partner with community organizations such as KVMR, A New Day, local schools,“ says Greg. “We often have nice things said about B&C, from people who appreciate that we support their (interests).”

KVMR Community Radio has been a recipient of the generosity of B & C Home Center, and the Fowler family, since 1993. B & C has been an underwriting business supporter of the station for over 23 years. Beyond their underwriting support, B & C Home Center sponsors the KVMR Celtic Festival children’s area annually, has contributed when KVMR simply needed an extra ladder for the new offices and generously co-funded the installation of the holiday lights for the new KVMR Bridge Street Project building this past winter.

“We love our relationship with KVMR. We realize that a lot of our cutomers are KVMR listeners,” says Greg, “I like to think that KVMR is full-spectrum radio and we are a full-spectrum hardware store! And we continue to evolve.” 

Still today, Greg, along with Gary, Kim and Tom, are regularly on the job and all incredibly involved in the day to day business of operating B&C Home Center's retail store, lumber yard and ever-expanding lawn and gardening areas.

Thank you for everything you do for KVMR Community Radio 

and our entire community, B&C Hardware!




The Fowler family began their Northern California business enterprises within the lumber industry during the mid-1800s with a saw mill in the Little Town of Washington. From there business expanded to another sawmill on Banner Mountain, followed by the opening of two lumberyards in Grass Valley -- one across from the current location of Hennessey School and the other where the Grass Valley Post Office is now located. When great-grandmother Fowler passed away the family needed to liquidate the business, leaving the grandparents moving to the Sacramento area.

The Sierra Foothills continued to call the Fowlers. In 1940, the family relocated back to Grass Valley and established the first electric saw mill in Nevada County. Prior to this, steam generators, fired by wood and wood scraps, powered the mills. This first electric saw mill was located in the current Fowler Center location where Asian Gardens now stands. “Builders and Consumers Lunber Company” was born.

From the very beginning, B & C Lumber Company (now B&C Home Center) worked closely with our community and emphasized community involvement. B&C was the first member of the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce. Over the years, B&C has grown and changed as the community has grown and changed. The current location, which B&C moved into in 1990, is their third store front since 1941.

When asked about the meaning of “B&C,” Greg acknowledges that some people think perhaps the “C” stands for his wife, “Conni,” but they can’t ever quite ever figure out the “B.” Long time Nevada County residents often recall, the earlier B&C storefronts from the 1940s and the second location through late 1980s, when “Builders and Consumers Home Center” adorned both frontal expanses.

Practicality “changed” the name.

When the current store location was opened, it was more cost-effective and easier to install “B&C Home Center” than “Builders and Consumers Home Center.”

And that is the rest of the story.


B&C Home Center

2032 Nevada City Highway Grass Valley, CA  95945

530-273-6105 ~ www.bandcgrassvalley.com

Open Weekly: Monday - Saturday: 7:30A to 6P & Sunday: 8A - 5P








Hughes Body & Fender


Locally Owned & Operated by Clay Schaake ~ Since 1987

962A Golden Terrace Grass Valley, CA ~ 530-477-1394

Open Monday - Friday 7:30A to 5P


Clay Schaake moved to Nevada County from Sonoma County in 1987, drawn to landscape, outdoors activities and motorcycle trails near the old Nevada City Airport near Lake Vera Road.


For the past 28 years, Clay has owned and operated Hughes Body & Fender on Golden Terrace near Idaho-Maryland Rd. and Sutton Ways in Grass Valley. Hughes Body & Fender has been a committed KVMR Business Supporter for the past 17 years, underwriting Eric Rice’s County Line Bluegrass each week with two underwriting spots per program.


“(Underwriting on KVMR) is one of the best forms of advertising,” said Clay. “People actually thank you for your support! Customers acknowledge my support of KVMR.”


Besides knowing Eric Rice “forever,” Clay also recognizes that Saturday mornings have the biggest listening audience, which makes sense for him to underwrite.


Clay’s professional background and expertise goes back to high school. Clay is a 3rd generation auto body and fender repair and restoration specialist who began learning his trade while in 9th grade. His father, and grandfather were both auto body workers. Body and fender work is a vocation and honed skill Clay has been dedicated to for decades.

The on-going success of Hughes Body & Fender depends on satisfied customers and providing superior quality since 1987. Offering complete customer satisfaction through quality auto repair and refinish work is where Clay’s work begins and ends.


“All work (at Hughes Body & Fender) is fully guaranteed for as long as you own your car.”


Additionally, Clay firmly believes in Consumer Rights and customer autonomy when it comes to accessing repair service providers. Clay is pro-consumer. Hughes Body & Fender does not partner with any insurance companies. He works with ALL insurance companies.

“Don’t let your insurance company bully you into going with their contracted shops,” said Clay, “which ultimately benefits the insurance company and only the insurance company -- not the consumer.”

Clay vehemently believes this. Insurance companies receive discounts on repairs with promoted or “qualified shops.” Additionally, the insurance companies are able to dictate what type of parts are used, and or where the parts are purchased from.

“You pay your insurance premium and you should have the right to pursue a repair that is satisfactory to you,” says Clay. “We encourage you to exercise your right.”

Clearly stated on the Hughes Body & Repair website (www.hughesbodyandfender.com).



Complete Services Offered at Hughes Body & Fender:










Additionally, the Hughes Body & Fender 5,200 square foot collision repair facility is an “Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)” service shop and is I-Car certified in structural and non-structural welding.

Clay, and his wife Wendy, support various local youth groups and nonprofit organizations such as local 4-H, FFA, Barbara Schmidt-Millar women’s Triathlon, and, again, have been a longtime supporter of KVMR Community Radio.


Locally Owned & Operated by Clay Schaake ~ Since 1987

962A Golden Terrace Grass Valley, CA ~ 530-477-1394

Open Monday - Friday 7:30A to 5P






“Sustainable, Recycled & Native Hardwoods”

1980 Grass Valley Highway Auburn, CA 

95959 530-888-8191

Dave Parmenter - Owner

For the last 15 years, California Harwood Producers (CHP) has continued the tradition of the CAL-IDA lumber company and sawmill, formerly located on the current mill site. Unlike most lumber yards, which are primarily resellers of softwood products made by corporate giants, California Hardwood Producers mill their wood products on site and carry recycled materials from deconstructed buildings and manufacture products from trees that have been removed from urban forests. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Resell. Sustainability within the lumber world it at the core of their business model.

California Hardwood Producers specialize in woods native to California and carries many imported exotics for flooring, moulding, lumber, slabs, beams & timbers. Softwoods are available, too.

Amateurs, hobbyist and professional woodworkers, alike, are welcome. The sustainable wood products are perfect for crafting furniture, cabinets, toys, interior decorating and artisan works large or small.   

The lengthy list of CHP hardwoods include English Walnut, Claro Walnut, Eastern Black Walnut, Australian Lacewood, Osage Orange, Yellow Heart, Canarywood, Ribbon Mahogany, Paduak, Phillipino Teak, Mahogany, Camphor, Rosewood, Red Gum Eucalyptus, Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Applewood, Pearwood, Madagascar Ebony, Chesnut, Silver Maple, Pacific Coast Maple Birds Eye Maple, Spaulted Maple, Hardrock Maple, European Red Elm, Chinese Elm, Beech, Birch, Catalpa, Monterey Cypress, Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Alder, American Cherry, Jatoba, Hickory, Poplar, Tulipwood, Mulberry, Myrtlewood, Liquid Amber, Sitka Spruce, Spruce, 1/4 Sawn spaulted spruce, Red Oak, Black Oak, Tan Oak, White Oak, 1/4 White Oak, Madrone, Mango. CHP also carries softwoods include Redwood, Aromatic Cedar, Doug Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, Alaskan Cedar, Italian Rock Pine, Yellow Pine, and Spaulted Pine (Blue stain).

On July 10th, 1997 the entire California Hardwood Producers mill burnt to the ground.  The cause of the fire went underdetermined, but that did not stop owner Dave Parmenter from continuing forward with his passion and success. Today, California Hardwood Producers employs 10 people, locally. And Dave has a continued passion for working with reclaiming wood for artisans and art co-ops - collecting beautifully colored waste wood to be reused.   

Dave and California Hardwood Producers “Love KVMR!” And as a self-proclaimed “old hippie” Dave noted, “We are local people supporting local stuff,” whether that be those gorgeous native hardwoods they work with or KVMR Community Radio.

“We are just trying to do good work. . .” And so is KVMR. . .

Check out the KVMR Underwriter of the Month California Hardwood Producers website at www.californiahardwood.com  or visit their eBay store they also sell and ship nationwide.







Four Paws Animal Clinic: Compassionate Care for Cherish Companions

 “A true KVMR-inspired Story, Four Paws.”

In 1990, Dr. Susan Murphy, DVM won a Tofanelli’s Restaurant gift certificate from KVMR during a KVMR on-air auction and fundraiser. Susan lived in Folsom at the time and listened to KVMR from our 104.7FM connector. Taking broadcaster class - Steve Nicola.

The weekend Susan decided to use this gift certificate, which she won in supporting KVMR, changed her life.   

The story goes that Susan and, her boyfriend-to-become-husband and KVMR-broadcaster-in-training, Steve Nicola were in love with Nevada County. As they dined at Tofanelli’s in Grass Valley, they perused a Gold Country resource guide. The first page they opened to was a property they could not pass up. That same afternoon they visited the property, made an offer on the listing and soon thereafter purchased it.

More stars were aligned for Susan, just out of veterinary medicine school. Through local queries to Nevada County veterinary clinics, Susan learned Best Friends Animal Clinic would soon be for sale. She was given first option to purchase and did so. Susan relocated to Nevada County, assumed ownership of Best Friends Animal Clinic on Highway 174, and opened her first and very own veterinary practice. It was that fortuitous!

For Dr. Susan Murphy the recognition of the role that KVMR has played in her life’s Journey and story is paramount. KVMR connected her to the home she has grown to know and love.

When Dr. Susan sold Best Friends Animal Clinic in 2006 she had one personal requirement of the sale, the new owners must continue to be Business Supporters and underwrite KVMR. To this day, Best Friends is still a committed KVMR supporter, too.   

In 2010, after a 4-year hiatus from being a business owner, Dr. Susan Murphy re-established herself with Four Paws Animal Clinic in Nevada City. Four Paws resides in an aesthetically pleasing and historically congruent rusted-tin sided building, much like the exterior of our new KVMR home on Bridge Street in Nevada City. The interior of her friendly clinic is bright, colorful and full of local artist animal art, paintings and photographs. An art gallery dedicated to anything with “Four Paws” you might say.

Susan and her staff are warm, friendly and very much in love with the creatures they care for and the work they do. Witnessing the personal and informed conversations of the “Moms and Dad” of Susan’s “Four-Pawed patients” is proof of the relationships Susan and her “Dream team” staff strive to provide.

Give the KVMR Underwriter of the Month a call for Compassionate Care for Your Cherished Companions and visit the Four Paws Animal Clinic website at www.fourpawsac.com.

Four Paws Animal Clinic
Dr. Susan Murphy, DVM
521 Searls Ave.
Nevada City, CA  95959
Phone: 530-265-3722