Todd's Two Too! - September 29, 2017

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  1. Iron & Wine - Call it Dreaming - 3:52

  2. Iron & Wine - About a Bruise - 3:11

  3. Rostam - Thatch Snow - 3:04

  4. Rostam - Wood - 5:42

Iron & Wine - Beast Epic

Iron & Wine - Beast Epic -Sub Pop

Beast Epic is the sixth full-length studio album by Iron & Wine, released August 25, 2017 via both Black Cricket Recording Company and Sub Pop.

In a review for AllMusic, Tim Sendra wrote, "On the whole, Beast Epic has a lilting grace and pleasing simplicity that was missing from the last few Iron & Wine albums, and it's good to hear Beam working on a small scale again. To continue building the sound out into something bigger probably would have led to a collapse, or at the very least a hollow center." Philip Cosores was also positive in his write-up for Pitchfork, summarizing that "Sam Beam brings Iron & Wine full circle on his sixth album, using the warm acoustic instrumentation of his early work and some of the most moving singing of his career.”

Rostam - Half-Light

Rostam - Half-Light

Rostam Batmanglij (ros-tam bot-mon-glich) known as Rostam, is an American songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist formerly of New York City-based indie rock band Vampire Weekend and electro-soul group Discovery.

Half-Light is the debut solo studio album by Rostam, released on September 15, 2017.

All in all, Half-Light makes it apparent just how much of what was captivating about Vampire Weekend came from Batmanglij.