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Todd's Two Too! - September 2, 2016

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  1. De La Soul - Genesis (feat. Jill Scott)

  2. De La Soul - Drawn (feat. Little Dragon)

  3. Ages and Ages - Something to Ruin

  4. Ages and Ages - Now I Know

De La Soul - and the Anonymous Nobody - A.O.I.

De La Soul is an American hip hop trio formed in 1987 on Long Island, New York.[1] The group is best known for their eclectic sampling, quirky lyrics, and their contributions to the evolution of the jazz rap and alternative hip hop subgenres. The members are Posdnuos, Dave and Maseo. The three formed the group in high school and caught the attention ofproducer Prince Paul with a demo tape of the song "Plug Tunin'". With its playful wordplay, innovative sampling, and witty skits, the band's debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, has been called "a hip hop masterpiece."

In early 2015, they announced plans to release a Kickstarter-funded upcoming 9th studio album And the Anonymous Nobody in September 2015; it was released on August 26, 2016. The album tracks are said to be the result of multiple improvised jam sessions. The album also features guest appearances from artists such as Damon Albarn, Little Dragon, David Byrne and2 Chainz.


Ages and Ages - Something to Ruin

Ages and Ages - Something to Ruin - Partisan Records

Ages and Ages is an American rock band from Portland, Oregon. Their third record Something to Ruin, on Partisan Records was released a couple of weeks ago.

Ages and Age's emphasis on featuring electronic and synthetic sounds makes Something to Ruin a sonic departure from their previous albums. Thematically the record deals with collective failures, the contemplation of letting go and starting over, the individual’s need for community, and the struggles associated with living honestly in a superficial landscape. The band members cite a trip to Central America and the observation of their community being exploited by gentrification as the catalyst for the record.


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