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Todd's Two Too! - May 20, 2016

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Day of the Dead - Various Artists - 4AD

  1. Morning Dew - The National

  2. New Speedway Boogie - Courtney Barnett

  3. Black Muddy River - Bruce Hornsby & DeYarmond Edison

  4. And We Bid You Goodnight - Sam Amidon

Day of the Dead is the twenty-fifth compilation release benefiting the Red Hot Organization, an international charity dedicated to raising funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS. Featuring fifty-nine exclusive recordings of covers of Grateful Dead songs by a number of independent artists as a tribute to the band and creation and curation by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, the compilation released today as five CDs, a limited edition vinyl LP box set, and as a digital download.

Day of the Dead - Various Artists

Day of the Dead is an epic tribute to the music and artistry of the Grateful Dead, curated by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National. They have brought together some of their favourite musicians to reinterpret the songs and sounds of the Dead for a new generation. 59 tracks and over 5 hours of music makes the album a landmark to get lost in, to discover hidden treasures and to make your own playlists for whatever mood you’re in.

The National is an American indie rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio, formed in 1999. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Courtney Barnett is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne, Australia. Known for her witty, rambling lyrics and deadpan singing style.

DeYarmond Edison is the former band of the members of Bon Iver, Megafaun, and Field Report. Guitarist and vocalist Justin Vernon went on to create Bon Iver; three members (Brad Cook: bass, guitar; Phil Cook: keyboards, banjo; Joe Westerlund: Percussion) formed the freak folk group Megafaun, and Christopher Porterfield began composing, eventually establishing Field Report.

Sam Amidon is an American independent folk artist.


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