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Todd's Two Too! - February 26, 2016

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1. LNZNDRF - Beneath The Black Sea

2. LNZNDRF - Kind Things

3. Steve Mason -  Planet Sizes

4. Steve Mason -   To A Door



LNZNDRF -  LNZNDRF - 4AD records

There’s a great deal of moonlighting going on these days - especially if you’re a member of The National. The Dessner twins have long dipped their toes in foreign waters; making forays into contemporary classical with the likes of the Kronos Quartet and taking on various production duties: Matt Berninger embraced his inner ‘fun guy’ on El Vy’s funky debut and its playful videos. But the Devendorf brothers – Scott and Bryan –have kept a lower profile - quietly plying their trade as the rhythmic engine room of The National. Until now.

The brothers hooked up with Ben Lanz, of Beirut & Sufjan Stevens fame, and recorded LNZNDRF in a church in Cincinnati over the course of two and half days. The resulting collection is edited versions of 30-plus minute jam sessions that the trio embarked on during that brief time.

Their self-titled debut record, which is out today, February 19 via 4AD.

Steve Mason - Meet The Humans

Steve Mason - Meet The Humans - Domino records

Throughout his many musical pursuits – fronting the Beta Band, King Biscuit Time and Black Affair, and his 2010 and 2013 solo albums – the purity of Steve Mason’s songwriting has never before sounded so beautifully at peace, buoyed by the weightlessness of emotional resolution.

His new album, Meet the Humans is overwhelmed by warmth, dispelling the myth that with tortured darkness comes great art. Produced by Elbow’s Craig Potter.


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