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A world in chaos.  Two progressive political leaders assassinated within three months.  A President beleaguered by an unpopular war and challenged by a poetry-quoting intellectual decides not to run again. African American athletes raise their fists in symbolic protest on the Olympic stage.  Riots in the cities and anti-war demonstrations occur on a mass scale. A draft conscripts America’s youth and sends them to fight in half a world away, where the troop buildup exceeds half a million. The Democratic National Convention sparks a police riot in Chicago, while politicians in smoke-filled rooms choose a nominee who never ran in the primaries.  A hateful third party candidate enters the race espousing “law and order” and thinly disguised racism.  Soviet tanks brutally suppress a democratic revolution in Czechoslovakia.  North Korea captures siezes a naval vessel and siezes 88 US sailors.  Apollo 8 launches the first American spacecraft headed for the moon.  And Star Trek features the first ever inter-racial kiss on national television.  All these events happened 50 years ago.   1968 has been called the year that changed the world.   And the music of time reflected that uncontrolled mayhem but also a birth of unparalleled creativity.   On the next Poly Morphous Show, I will play loads and loads of music from that memorable year.   Tune in this Sunday, March 25 from 4-7 am.   Or play me on demand at