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Sunday FunkCase Today at 5:00PM

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The Rock'n DownUnder Show 

Presented by your hosts Bronx Bob & Kiwi Annie 

Playlist of musicos not readily heard on this side of the orb. The Escalators kick start the show rock'n out with Jungle Jive. The Black Seeds follow along with Harry Harrison, Toni Swain, The Meltdown, Matt Borg, The Bamboos, Grace Knight,The The Koi Boys, Lachy Doley, Rai Thistlethwayte, Max Stowers, John Butler Trio, JP, Safari Motel, Hanlon Brothers, Chris Flaskas,& Jim Kelly. If air time allows DIG Directions In Groove will end the show...Tune in and listen live today and alernating Monday nigts from 10:00 PM - midnight.