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Sunday, 3-5 PM, The Blue Garage Welcomes Wynn Free: The Man In Pink

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Wynn Free, musician, author of The Reincarnation of Edgar Casey (2004), and researcher into the non-local, non physical realm joins The Blue Garage to discuss the research he has conducted with a soul collective who refer to themselves as The Council of the Elohim.  
Can one "prove" that there is positive intelligence in invisible dimensions that can help us on both individual and collective levels? He has asked them about foundational questions related to the universe including:

Is reincarnation real?

How did the Universe start?

Where do you go when you die?

Do miracles really happen? How?

You decide for yourself!

For more, Read Wynn's Free Book

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Man In Pink

Before and ...

After. Wynn and the Pink Hue

Wynn and Orb of Light

Wynn and Daphne call upon the Elohim in Philadelphia