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The Rock'n Down Under Show Monday Feb 20 2017

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Tonight's the night! Rock'n Down Under's first phone interview featuring Marty Rhone. We're chatting about his newest release "Graceland On The Line". Due to a remote broadcast at the station, we might kick-off the show a bit late. On -Air normal time is 10 PM - Midnight PDT. live streaming on wwwkvmr.org Our playlist included; Zillinover, Steve Eales, Simon Kinney-Lewis, Nick Charles, Donny Bene't, Dave Coleclough, Ria Hall, Buswackers, Kev Starky, The Swamp Stompers, Lazy Eye, Firewire, Ash Grunwald, Jack Thorncraft, Jackal & Tiger, John Boley McNamara & JP. Not much time to spin tracks and tracks of music. Apologies if we can not. . . Can't listen live you say? Our show is also available on archive.kvmr.org/ Sound Cloud, Mix Cloud and syndicated on The Pacifica Network the next day.