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Rock'n Down Under Monday at 10PM. . .

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Bah da bah da da da
Bah da bah da da da
Bah da bah da da da
Monday, Monday, so good to me
Monday mornin', it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday mornin', Monday mornin' couldn't guarantee
That Monday evenin' you would still be here with me ..
Will you?  Monday 8th August 10 – midnight.  Rockndownunder is back.  We may not be playing the Mamas and Papas but we will be playing a whole lot of new artists and tracks from the Lands Downunder.  Great stuff from the likes of The Woodland Hunters, Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, The Mouldy Lovers.  Who you say?  Well,  stop by and find out.  Love to see you there.  Monday, tomorrow night on the best little station west of the Mississippi ….KVMR FM 89.5!