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The Relationship Corner

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All of us have experienced at one time difficulties with how to navigate the relationship maze.

John Gray, Ph.D.says, “the most common relationship problems between men and women are a result of fundamental psychological differences between the sexes”

In our first program of HE SAID…SHE SAID, myself and Paul Sanders, licensed family therapist, we focused on three important gender differences issues tha we all do and recognizing them may help you communicate more effectively. That is our mission to our listeners, in our call in talk show. Get new insights that might help you.

The aspects we discussed were about :
1. How we make assumptions
2. The baggage from our past that plays a part of today and
3. The differences of Languages of Love that are important to us.

Our show is a podcast if you would like to hear it.

Our next show is exciting and you are welcome to call in. It's about
Communication for Honesty, Trust and Passages.