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Reflections and Musings on KVMR as a Valuable Community Resource

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March 18, 2017 - 3:03pm -- Del

As I listened to today's live broadcast of the Town Hall with Rep. Doug LaMalfa on KVMR, I was so grateful for the services that KVMR provide to our community.  I wanted to go, but am presently incapacitated, so the live broadcast of our congressional representative's meeting with our community was the perfect solution.  It allowed me to not only stay informed with firsthand information, but gives me an opportunity to engage with the community from home via the radio.  

How does a passive activity like listening to the radio become an opportunity for community engagement?  It works by providing relevant information that impacts my life on many different levels so that I can continue the discourse with others in the community on how current events and policies are affecting our community and our personal lives.  If I hadn't been able to listen to the talk myself, I would have to rely on another person's account of what was said before being able to form an opinion or make decisions about how I can participate in shaping the direction of our community, and I believe that first hand information is worth it's weight in gold in the political process.  

After the town hall was over, I started thinking about the other services that KVMR provides to our community.  We have been hosting community forums and live broadcasts on issues that impact our community directly, such as Veterans and PTSD, Food Insecurity, Fire Safety, Dementia, Social Justice, Cannabis Issues, and have another coming up in April on Screen Dependence and Children. Every single one of these has been an issue in my own life at one time or another, and I think we would be hard pressed to find someone else who hasn't been impacted by most, if not all of these issues on some level.  

KVMR is a diverse treasure trove of ideas, music, and information.  The beauty is that if we don't like what is on right now, we can turn it on again a couple of hours for something totally different.  If a person isn't able to find something they want to hear, they are invited to join one of our broadcasters' classes or volunteer on the Community Advisory Board or the Program Committee and actively participate in shaping the programming, community involvement, and direction of KVMR.  The democratic process in action through the airwaves... who would have guessed?