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Recovery and the Sensation of New Life

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William Wallace was riding a roller coaster for most of his life, 40 years of alcohol and 18 years of drug abuse contributed to that phenomenon. 

In 2013, he lost his sense of self worth and found it a chore to get through each day. He made plans to end his life, although he was extremely conflicted about the selfishness and the hurt he would cause. It wasn’t enough to prevent him from a suicide attempt that had him unconscious for 5 days after ingesting numerous drugs from his medicine cabinet. I will let you listen to William tell the story in his own words, because it was clearly not his time to leave the planet. 
He describes his transformation from an addict to now working with agencies in Nevada County to create a hub of people working together who have hearts and want to help. His experience has led him to become a leader in the homeless community and a peer support to many. He now shows up hospital rooms of others in need to offer hope and care.
Listen to his beautiful story.
Part 1
Part 2