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RE: My audition for 'Rock of Ages' and 'New Wave Nation'

Paul Sanders's picture

Hi there, just checking in.  

Had a great time between 4 and 7 am this morning, doing my audition for both of my shows (see title).  

Talked with Larry Hillberg, who was conming on for his show "Backroads' and he raved about the 4-7 slot and said that a lot of folks are listening.  

I ran of time at the end and neglected to thank Mo, who had called during New Wave Nation and said that she was digging the tunes. It was her birthday and first day of retirement and I didn't even say her name on the air!  DUH!

Check it out on the Archive.  

Also my 08/27/16  RedEye has a longer showcase of New Wave Nation and was an informal four-hour showcase.

Take care everyone!