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Radio Magic

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Magic of Radio


Radio is a medium, a way of communicating, that encourages magic:

Magic – a power that allows people to do impossible things by saying words or performing special actions

Broadcast – Cast or scattered in all directions

     Whether it’s playing moving music, or verbally sharing their humanity – one never knows what sort of alchemy may be happening with the listener. It is much like casting a message corked in a bottle upon the ocean, and trusting the currents to carry it to a receiver.

     The listener is free to create their own pictures, to weave their own responses, to be moved or inspired with just auditory input.

     KVMR, as a community, non-corporate radio experiment, reflects the community of listeners like a magic mirror. Inspiration comes from the broadcaster as they share their interests in a very connective fashion. The rest is up to you!

     Each Friday, from 4 – 6pm, on Espresso Music Magazine, I get to be a broadcaster. All the rest of the week, I get to walk the beaches and open those messages that land on my shores.

I exult in the magic of radio!

Hap Hazard