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Pirate Radio Membership Drive Special

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May 8, 2017 - 5:37pm -- Del

1967 was the Summer of Love, but it was also the year the British government tried to kill pirate radio.  But pirate radio survived, even with the advent of commercial radio and the addition of the BBC's pop station Radio 1 in the 70's… 

This Wednesday night, join Adela Wilcox in an interview with Arnold Levine, of Radio Concord and the Free Radio Association, England’s first community radio station and organization in 1970’s London, and author of “Banned by the BBC” to hear how folks kept their passion for music and free speech alive after the government crackdown.  That’s this Wednesday evening from 10pm until midnight, only on your community radio station, KVMR.  We wouldn't be here if you didn't turn us on!