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November 20 - Turkey Songs On Dawn Eclectica

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Turkeys are in the air.    Real turkeys with cranberry sauce and yams, of course.  But also Turkey Songs.   They're songs that are kind of silly, maybe stupid, but lovable nevertheless and hard to get them out of your system - like real turkeys.   Join me this Wednesday morning from 4-7 am, when I will present: Turkeys, Volume Two.    A bonanza of sometimes cute, sometimes awful, but always irrestistable songs that remind us of Turkeys.   PG&E has assured me they will delay the power outage until after my show is over, so no need to interrupt your cozy lifestyle to listen.   Sleep in if you like and catch the whole program by going to KVMR's archive.   And before I leave for Africa, I'm doing a Red Eye November 24 (Sat night-Sunday morn) from midnight to 4 am.   It will be a barn-burner, from the sublime ballads to blowout rock, including an entire episode of Nick Danger, Third Eye by the Firesign Theater around 12:30 or so.   Stay tuned for great music in the coming days.