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No-Bake Sale Friday Morning with Jerianne Van Dijk!

Adriana Kelly's picture

Friday Morning Show, 7-10AM, Jerianne Van Dijk will host a No-Bake Sale with beautiful, original, CALORIE-FREE sweet treats hand painted by Jerianne herself. Tune in and order one of these limited edition snacks that can spend a lifetime on the fridge- not on your hips!

Jerianne will also have the new Booker T CD, "Sound the Alarm," and her trusty co-host Todd Wahoske offers a brand new Todd's Twos "Best of 2015" collection. 

As usual Jerianne & Todd will be offering tons of tickets (because they are the BOMB) and lots of other goodies as well. Call (530) 265-9555 or pledge online at