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Nevada County Raised "This Child"

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Anthony (Tony) Beverly is better known as Husky LePew at KVMR community radio. He is a night owl so you can always find him hosting a few RedEye shifts (12:00 - 4:00 am) each month, and providing quality entertainment for “grown folks.” He has a fabulous radio voice and all who have heard him on the radio are so happy he found a venue for his great style. He is pretty happy too!


It wasn’t always like this for Tony. He grew up in Reno, Nevada and got into a gambling habit. Those slot machines are everywhere in Reno, the laundromat, the car wash, the gas station, etc. It wasn’t so bad, until many of his financial safety nets died suddenly, and in a short period of time. He found himself with little money and no place to live.


His return to Nevada County was an intuitive move. He made his way to Hospitality House after his cash ran out. From there…he received the help he needed to get started back towards health, well being, and a Place to Call Home. 


And that’s exactly what he did.


Listen to his inspiring story!