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Musings from the other side… "What Dreams May Come"

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Supreme other sidean guest host tenali hedgehog recently celebrated and aired his 50th Other Side episode, and which also featured his favorite radio theme audio dreaming. If your are curious just click the link of your choice to have a listen to hour 1 or hour 2.

Supreme other sidean guest host tenali hedgehog

His first Other Side guest host slot aired on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, and was entitled "Lay Down On Your Belly" (click the links to listen to hour 1 or here for hour 2). The promo for the show read something like this: “Step right up and lend an ear to the other side of the blues and roots music. Join guest host tenali on a musical carousel featuring one man bands, obscurities, hoodoo, medicine show acts, & more! In other words, a mulligans stew of snake oil, hustlers, hambones, Kickapoo juice, mule sweat & collard greens. (expect to hear one man band artists like: Abner Jay, Washington Phillips, Peg Leg Sam & more...)”

Since that time in the following 49 episodes, tenali has created countless aural landscapes full of musical circus performances that are ever so rare to find anywhere on the air, and especially in these times of prepackaged regurgitated pop mania bordering so close to blandness that one really has to wonder what this world is coming too at times. Alas I digress, abd stray too far away from my point which is simply to congratulate and thank Mr. hedgehog for all of his most wonderful work these past nearly 3 ½ years of guest hosting (or is that hosting ;-) The Other Side.

If you have not ye had the pleasure of hearing his work, please take some time and head over to his spot on the web known as Muddy Boots. So what’s that all about you ask? Well as tenali sees it “Muddy Boots will wander where sneakers never will, moving on the back roads through the backwoods and to the forgotten cracks of our imagination. Tune in to hear 1920s &’30s jazz, blues, ethnic and hillbilly, field recordings from the campfire, the random whimsical, and the rare and not-so-rare.

You’ll find his upcoming and past radio shows, plus a whole lot more, and all of it filled with a great vibe and attitude one will rarely find anywhere on the radio dial or web stream period. As he says ever so clearly, “There’s something to be said for radio – streaming or the good ol’ radio waves – being a vehicle to journey into a sonic wonderland. Lend an ear and embark on a voyage. . .


Muddy Boots - going where sneakers never will…

All I can add is Amen to that my brother, and please keep it coming! His work is stellar and I can’t speak highly enough of the integrity of this soul called tenali as there are many other sides to his being a purely humanitatairan aspect as well. So let me finsh by saying thanks for all the fish and all the shows and dreams yet to come my friend!


mikail grahamThe Other Side host and producer