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Musings from the other side… Blackstar

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David Robert Jones (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016) - R.I.P. dear David...

Unbeknownst to me when I scheduled this show monhts ago I had no idea it would also echo Mr. Bowie's passing. I am saddened beyond belief that he is gone, but joyful in heart and spirit to be able to have such a wionderful new record to send him off with on this special Other Side episode.

Below are a few comments that I want to share from three friends who knew him quite well and worked with him off and on for the past half a century.  

click here to read about a haunting and beautiful final email that Bowie and Brian Eno shared about a week before Bowie passed.

click here for a lovely last few thoughts from long time producer & friend Tony Visconti.

click here for some very sweet remberances with Iggy Pop and his time with Bowie, really a must read...

Yea! “Blackstar” is Bowie’s first No. 1 album in the USA!
click here for more...

Last on all of this from me for now, the song "Girl Loves Me" from Blackstar, the lyrics repeated again and again - "where the fuck did Monday go?" - a coincidence? or did he know he'd die on a Sunday?

The Other Side: Blackstar - Reflections on David Bowie R.I.P.

*Note: this extended play version of my show is quite a bit different show than what originally aired on Tuesday, January 12, 2016.
The first part of this episode includes some of my favorite tracks from Mr. Bowie over the past 50+ years, including snippets from various interviews and more, followed by a sampling of several tracks from the Blackstar record and a few closing remarks. The entire show clocks in at just over 3.5 hours.


Below is the promo for the origianl show that aired on 1-12-16...

Blackstar is (arguably) the twenty-eighth studio album by David Bowie and the main focus of this special episode of The Other Side aired Tuesday January 12, from 8p-10p. Mr. Bowie celebrated his 69th birthday on January 8, 2016, releasing this new 7 song record on the same day. The mainstream reviews so far have ranged from "the most extreme album of his [Bowie's] entire career" to, "[It's] one of the most aggressively experimental records the singer has ever made".

Having just taken delivery of the new record myself, I must say it is definitely one of his most personal releases in a long time, harking back to the more experimental Berlin era of Low/Heroes/Lodger era minus the ambient space & synth washes of the old days, and instead, replaced with something quite organic and extraordinarily modern sounding, perhaps even a tad bit jazzy in places, full of his cutup Verbalizer lyrics and Bowie pop - yep it's a fun record! Even the packaging matches the release, which is quite elegant including a 16 page color booklet with special varnish done entirely in black - including all of the typeset, making for a rather difficult read to say the least, but quite beautiful just the same.

There are two videos from the album (see above) that were directed by Johan Renck and are both well worth watching, and watching and... There's also an interview with the director well worth reading if you're curious about such things, click here for more.

There are more than enough reviews of the new album popping up every few minutes on the web, so I won’t be adding anything more than what I’ve already said, at least for now. What I will be offering on this TOS episode is an opportunity for you to have a listen to this new record in its entirety along with a diverse selection of tracks from many of my favorite Bowie releases during the past 50 years.

If you are a true Bowie fan I urge you - don’t miss this album!


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