May 8 on Dawn Eclectica - Echoes, Past and Present

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Mexican guitarist virtuousi Rodrigo y Gabriela have a new album out called Mettavolution and in it they undertook an incredibly amibitious project: a cover version of Pink Floyd's masterpiece, Echoes.  Said Rod & Gab:  "We are big Pink Floyd fans. That track, specially the live in Pompeii version means a lot to us, we even made a huge visual reference in our video for 'Hanuman.'  Besides that, the lyrics are even more relevant now than they were 45 years ago, the search for knowledge about ourselves, it’s becoming a key element for survival these days, that’s what evolution is all about at the end of the day."

On the next Dawn Eclectica this Wedneday from 4-7 am, you will hear the entire 18 minute version of Echoes, full of inspiration and wonder.   Speaking of Echoes, filmmaker Andrew Slater, in collaboration with Jakob Dylan, is about to release a new film "Echo in the Canyon," which will premier at the Los Angeles Film Festival.  Here's what the Hollywood Reporter said about it: "Tightly framing the Los Angeles music scene with a focus on the mid-'60s emergence of folk rock in the city’s storied Laurel Canyon district, Echo in the Canyon deftly captures the diversity of influences that launched groundbreaking bands like The Byrds, The Mamas & the Papas and Buffalo Springfield to international acclaim."  I'll play a Dylansesque cover tune from the soundtrack.    

Plus, a song from Santana's upcoming new album "Africa Speaks" -- and believe me, it's a barn burner.   A track from the newest release by Robin Trower, erstwhile guitarist of Procol Harum.   Norah Jones and Herbie Hancock team up to channel Joni Mitchell, live tracks from Springsteen, Heart and Ray Davies, who goes all squishy with a full choir.   All of it nowhere except Dawn Eclectica, where you can always expect the unexpected.  I would also encourage you to make a donation to the station in honor of my show during our membership drive this week.   You'll feel good about yourself all week long!