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Little Wings Explains...

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Kyle Field - the genius behind the band Little Wings - has never been confused for a Top 40 hit maker.  His music, like his art, takes a bit more effort for the average listener to sink their teeth into.  With his latest effort, "Explains", Kyle has produced an album that, unlike the 10 previous albums, should find a broader audience.  Earlier albums are rich, multi-layered and dreamy and Explains is no different.  Something about this album however, makes it one I find myself listening to over and over again. It has a dream-like quality, one that evokes an evening sunset overlooking the rugged Pacific coastline. It's no surprise then that Kyle makes his home in Northern California and frequently tours up and down Highway 101.  And when I say tour, I mean you can find him playing the usual venues - bars and coffee shops - as well as in someone's backyard or living room.  He makes much of his own album art and various crowd give aways and sale items such as postcards, bags, and such.  To say Kyle and Little Wings are original is an understatement.  They are a refreshing voice in an otherwise banal sea of conformity and their latest album is no exception.  Give 'em a listen.