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A Little History and Introduction

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I'm Papa Sight. I've just certified here on KVMR as a broadcaster and will be on FM radio as a sub when needed, and I'll have a weeekly show on KVMR-X. I'm originally from the South, grew up all over the country, and relocated to Nevada County in 2001. I've been involved in music for most of my life. My grandfather was a professional session musician in the south and introduced me to instrumentation and the joy of musical collaboration. After touring and playing in various bands throughout the 90's, I got offered work as a tour manager for a friend's band which led to a deal with Geffen Records. Shortly after I left and such was the beginnings of family life. In 2005 I was pushed into learning to DJ by two friends who were both seasoned DJ's when they showed up at my studio with two turntables and a mixer. They locked the studio and ran me through DJ bootcamp for the next five hours. I've been DJing ever since. I then setup a local soundsystem, flew to Jamaica to meet and record with some well known reggae artists, and started promoting shows in Nevada County in 2006. I worked with a variety of artists in a diversity of genres throughout the mid 2000's. In 2011, along with four other local producers, I founded Full Crate Records, Nevada County's first (and only at the time) electronic record label to release on vinyl. I produced a fair amount of music under the alias of Dwnsampla, including four compilation albums and two EP's. My remix of The Neighborhoods song Sweater Weather reached over 65,000 plays before Sony Records ordered it removed from Soundcloud. Full Crate Records ran from 2011 until about 2014/15 at which point we parted ways on good terms due to creative differences. About that time I dropped out of the music scene for awhile to attend college full time for IT. I've continued to produce music in my studio, teach audio production, and play random gigs from that time through the present. Now in 2017 I decided to pursue a long time goal of becoming a radio DJ and here I am. Big thanks to KVMR/KVMR-X for providing me the opportunity to contribute to community radio in this way and I hope to bring the listeners on some wonderful and interesting musical journeys. https://soundcloud.com/dwnsampla/neon-hitch-gucci-gucci